Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday 2 July 2006

Could this morning be any hotter? This is the most miserable way to be. I now regret not recycling, owning a car, leaving my TV on standby – I’m sorry I am somehow responsible for the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Today is DOA – I do not feel like moving and therefore I don’t. If I am ever to put my flat on the market I am going to have to clear it out but who can do manual labour on a day like this (and one with such emotional baggage attached!).

Instead my day begins with watching one of the cheapo DVDs that I got in the HMV sale and todays early morning choice is Revenge Of The Nerds. Part of me wonders why I bought this whilst the other part rocks it hard! Revenge Of The Nerds pretty much represents everything that was great in the pre-PC heady days of the eighties. I found this also when I revisited Bachelor Party: the eighties look like a fucking fun decade to be young and insane in. Additional points in this movie for turns from that guy from E.R, Bert Viola from Moonlighting and Ted McGinley who replaced Richie in Happy Days and eventually wound up in Married With Children (complete with Happy Days flashbacks). More big movie points for the soundtrack also that sounded a times like a Devo rip-off, complete with nerds gig dressed almost just like Devo. Bernie Casey (where do I remember him from?) also rocked!

Beyond that, I take in the current affairs TV shows of the day before finding myself online watch the new Alex Jones “film” Terror Storm which is crazy but well recommended (despite sending me to sleep twice). All this 9/11 conspiracy theory stuff is lunacy. And now they're saying we blew up our own trains on 7/7 and not the Muslims after all (all right mate, try visiting Alton Towers on 17 September and see how you get on). I hate the way these people present their theories and sucker me in as they sound more and more plausible. Of course you can twist words into meaning anything and these people will always be exaggerated in their information (as with most lefties) but still WTC 7 seems fairly unexplained to me and the historical examples of False Flag incidents surely are not the work of rewriting history - surely these fanatics would not resort to that. The wheeling out of Shaylor undermines all theories and I get the impression Alex Jones doesn’t quite realise what fruitloop that guy is regarded as. At least this fact saves him from being bumped off David Kelly style (apparently).

Finally, past midday, I find myself dressed and edging towards presentable and human. Outside it remains a blazer of a day so I walk to the newspaper shop instead of lazily drive (as is vogue). As I have said a hundred times before, I will never tire of living near Colchester’s football ground, I love the building even if it houses shit and is not an impressive stadium such as the Den (ha ha). Football league grounds/stadium housed on the edge of suburbia I fear is a dying breed.

I have no idea where Sunday afternoon goes but all I know is that I have nothing to show for it. I debate whether to head over to Asda for some food but I don’t bother, I choose to save money out of laziness but alas latter on in the day I find myself starving hungry and eating smooth peanut butter from a jar and squirting mustard mayonnaise onto a knife. If condiments were not a meal before, they fucking are now.

Channel Four shows Picture Perfect in the afternoon and it is a jolly romp. I actually have a lot of time for Jennifer Aniston and can watch her in the worst of movies, which this probably is. Still there are some boardroom/business world issues in there within the movie that ring true and hit home - maybe those are the reasons why I am not in middle management.

Early evening arrives and my day almost reaches new proportions of boredom connected with a lack of any human contact for the day. Today turns out to be the day I finally get around to watching Match Point which is surprisingly good, albeit half an hour too long. Thankfully it is very Woody Allen in a way I was not expecting. Ultimately it is actually a really great movie - recognising the sights, the quirks, as Woody Allen retreads old ground with it almost winding up being a UK version of Crimes And Misdemeanours coupled with the utter dour tone of September. And God thankfully not like another version of Closer.

Sunday evening hits like a hammer of depression. Big Brother comes on TV and fails to thrill. I finally find myself in the mood for a flat tidy but alas it is “bath night” and I have skin to clean instead of crawl. I go to bed with Evolution on in the background, what a crappy movie.

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