Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday 6 July 2006 – World Cup Day 28

A bit cooler this morning as I awaken earlier with something of a minor headache which fails to cease for some considerable amount of time. Does anything happen this morning? Does it fuck? My train journey consists of staring at the Bill Gates look-alike with Jerry Springer while the bovine jungle fever middle aged couple crush me in my seat whilst the man watches Green Street on his iPod video – commuters: they all support West Ham United (aka Westhambul).

The news this morning is not the kind to install confidence in one’s fellow man – Norman Kember seems to have royally gone down with Stockholm Syndrome, which only serves to dishearten and depress.

This morning’s highlight is provided by the plumber who proceeds to hold court and tell us how to get out of any parking ticket or fine by using the Civil Liberties 1604 bill. Next time I get done for speeding, I’ll try that out.

The afternoon sees some tragic comedy news in the form of Jim Davidson being declared bankrupt. And there was me with the impression that he was a smart, intelligent and honourable person. Go figure. Loser.

Today is a complete blank in the evening, there are no World Cup games on so I find myself somewhat at a loss for things to do. I get home hoping that my Control Room DVD has arrived and that I can watch that. It hasn’t and I don’t/can’t. I go to sleep too early for a young man in his prime – damn the commute tag teaming with hell weather.

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