Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tuesday 4 July 2006 – World Cup Day 26

American Independence Day and boy do I feel that we are a national independent of those arseholes (just kidding).

As soon as I get to work today I find myself immediately on the phone to the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) and BT (British Telecom) in relation to the strange call I received from 3G Mobile/Mobile Addict last night. Both organisations respond to my query as if I am talking nonsense. Of course the guy on the line last night was taking me for a ride, royally winding me up. Oh, I still record complaints about him/them with anyone that will listen – a chore that cuts into the beginning of my working day. My company should complain about (even sue) 3G Mobile also (ha ha). Of course this is all old news and when 3G Mobile cold called me four times last summer, even twice one Sunday morning when I was trying to watch Kill Bill 2 and I accused them of being Al-Qaeda in disguise, when 3G Mobile respond they claim to be unconnected to the sales companies. Ahem.

Beyond that my working day remains as busy as ever as I continue to catch up on the lost time on Friday spent watching Germany v Argentina. Today however is a birthday day at work (not just of America’s independence) so the afternoon eventually is spent gorging on Pick N Mix chocolates and getting fatter over the course of only a few hours.

Towards the end of the day my phone rings a couple of times and the words “Beaumont Seymour” flash on the screen, obviously being Stevo, obviously busy back there and wanting to talk about something football hooligan related or other. It is the second day running that that place has haunted me like a black ghost.

Tonight the trains run relatively painlessly. When I hit Colchester I decide to pop home and watch the first semi final with the old man, on the big TV where I can blag some dinner dinner.

Germany v Italy ultimately turns out to be a pretty entertaining game, although I have to admit that I wasn’t loving it in regular time but once extra time came along and Italy hit the woodwork within a couple of minutes of beginning added time, the game opened up and space took over as the game flowed from one end to the other and back again, almost akin to a basketball game. It did appear however that when Italy hit the post and then the crossbar that lucky was really riding Germany’s back and that they were going to hold out and hold onto their place in the World Cup. When however Italy stormed two late goals, providing perhaps too much excitement in the Graham household, it really made a good game a great game, for a match like this to be decided by penalties (and probably won by Germany) would have been a travesty.

By the end of the game and my arrival home the night is already closing in on 11PM and I immediately head straight to sleep, confirming that I no longer have any waking life.

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