Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I wonder if ever there will be a day when my mouth won’t get me into trouble or situations I should otherwise avoid.  It is most definitely the act of my mouth and not my brain with slopes along lethargically after the remainder of my being has long since scarpered from the vicinity and scene of the crime.


I fucking hated on the train journey into town this morning, the manchild geek in the suit sat opposite me kept kicking at my toes.  Once would be an accident, twice would be unfortunate but for the man the continuously persist in doing it at sporadic points for the entirety of the journey, I cannot help but think there was something wrong with the “man”.  Had I been my old man (braver than myself), I would (should) have just said to him “stop fucking fidgeting”.  I think the Sissy Spacek anger girl would have taken his side anyway.


Like a magnet to drama, it all takes its toll.  Work is good this week, after two weeks of knuckling down.  My only real woe today is being outbid on Ebay but instead I find myself indulging in chaos, creating tension and reading into acts for reasons similar to what would be my own motives.  Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong.  Often I get told I am harsh and/or mean spirited but more often my grand wealth of experience (ho ho) proves me correct in my judgements of the human condition.  I truly am a dickhead.


Lunch lifts morale as I overspend and indulge with others in the great meal known to man for under £10.  God bless the Danish for inventing gammon and other pig products – they can do a cartoon of me with a bomb on my head anytime.

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