Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday AM. I don’t even board the train and I get absconded. Racton and I mutually came up with the concept of the “Breakfast Club” (well, it was probably all his) but basically its that feeling of “leave me alone, its me time”.

Upon purchasing my daily newspaper in WH Smith, I find myself filled with an enormous urge to shoplift and steal the revision cards that I am buying at the same time, along with the latest issue of Hotdog magazine with the hilarious Borat on the cover (said, semi sarcastically). However for karma purposes and legal reasons I choose to dumbly pay for all the items.

Ultimately though, I need not have bothered as karma appears to bite not only me but my friends on the arse as the company of somebody I used to knock about with (to horrific results) seems to be threatening anyone or anything related with Bad Hand with legal action. Obviously it is the ghost of Sarah haunting me and the curse of the blog returns once more in a very serious and tangible manner it would seem. The threats however are hollow and non-specific which allows me to remain calm whereas some might be losing their heads. It is a very random development one and one that causes great concern for me and my friends. It gets pointed out to be that some kind of financial compensation may or will be required but the vagueness of the letter doesn’t actually clearly state what for, only the offending article on the Bad Hand forum which I childishly published online last September (yes, we are talking over a year ago). I have to admit I find myself worried and shaking, any time you are threatened with legal action is a time where you have either done or said something wrong but equally, to some degree, if you are upsetting people to such a degree the origins are for a real reason. As a collective with comply with their request to remove the offending material (it certainly offended me at the time) and in the style of “cease and desist” realistically we offer no more, only my apologies for associating with their employee in the first place. We later (via Racton) receive some comprehensive and relieving legal advice which should hopefully put the threats to bed but as things stand it is very possible the state of affairs remains unresolved as the ball remains in the court of the offended party. The largest part of me suspects and fears that this is not the end of it. Tomorrow we will run faster.

PM: and it is all quiet on the JGram front.

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