Thursday, October 26, 2006

OK, at a time when the day has not even reached 9AM I look around the world as if it is has gone fucking insane.  After another commute and another angry expression from Sissy Spacek, I arrive at Liverpool Street to the news that the Central Line is haywire in a westward direction.  Fortunately being pre-warned, I avoid it completely and hop aboard the Hammersmith Line only to emerge at Ladbroke Grove to some normal looking guy (albeit a bit scruffy) in handcuffs being casually pinned against the wall and talked down by a Police Cop.  From there I pop into a different newsagents for the very first time where the woman in front of me requests the free DVD with todays The Sun only to have the twat behind the counter insisting that she rips out the token from her freshly purchased copy of the newspaper (“just fucking give her the DVD”, as I wish I said).  We I cross at the Ladbroke Grove crossing, it is to the sight of the some HUGE (as in tall, not wide) black dude deciding to just slope over the road Huggy Bear style, regardless of the traffic signals.  The dude gets beeped at and I figure “ok, maybe he is deaf or blind or something, he’ll stop in the middle and be safe”.  Nope.  He then proceeded to funk walk across the remainder of the road, on a Red Man light, as a car drove right up to him, stopped and beeped.  At this point the dude stops and just stands in the middle of the road like Rain Man and the fucking car then veers forward and taps him on the leg!  Jesus Christ, this was not too far from sight of the Policeman nicking the looney guy as a woman sat in the passenger side of the Panda being questioned herself.  Obviously I find this all fucking hilarious and I giggle my way to work but not before getting out of tall dude’s way.  I was going to get some soup from Greggs but who needs soup when you have such yuks to get you through the day.


The remainder of the day fortuitous, breezy and sunny, Autumn day perfection.  Well, it is a good day until I make that annual cardinal mistake of looking up the salary surveys on the internet.  I always knew I wasn’t earning my capacity but when it amounts to my entire salary of just four years ago, I can’t help but raise an eyebrow and begin wonder just why the hell am I living in heavy debt in order to maintain my life of squalor.  Fast food for thought.

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