Friday, October 27, 2006

Welcome to the weekend, thank Buddha that it is Friday.  This is my first Friday at work in three weeks and its is suddenly dawning on me just what I have been missing out on.  Today marks the first day of Autumn in which I have worn my coat out, a sure sign that Winter is almost here.  Thank God we change the clocks this weekend, I cannot stand leaving my home in the pitch black in the mornings only to return in the pitch dark also.  However the coat soon seems unnecessary as the sky emerges a brilliant pinky red and by mid morning the skies are super blue and we are almost back in summer mode.


It probably sums up the irrelevance of my life when I go over-the-moon excited about the prospect of the three new Ricky Gervais podcasts online over the course of the next three months, especially when the news was discovered as I listen to an old XFM show on my iPod (about shaving arses or something).


The personal soundtrack to my day at work is a sarcastic version of Russ Abbott’s “Atmosphere”.  This is for a second day running.  I just make my compensations and put my head down, anything for a quiet life although I often deal with the fallout.


As my day pans out, the more stressful it becomes.  My plans for the even go peer shaped leaving me alone in the greatest city on Earth with nothing to do on a Friday night, these times will bring anyone down.  Nevermind, tomorrow is a new day.

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