Wednesday, November 01, 2006

AM: The first day of the month and whole new set of new month resolutions, not that I stick to them for very long.


To say I am somewhat peeved today would be an understatement.  I am always the architect of my difficulties with people though, I just give people enough rope with which to hang themselves – maybe I need to be more in people’s faces and annoying them on the phone for them really to get into the JGram experience.  Then again, maybe not.  Really though, what the fuck is with people and their attitude towards me like my entire life is dealt with like water off a duck’s back.


I compounded my doubt last night by letting myself down and not managing to get an entry in for the second round of the accountancy contest.  My train was delayed last night and by the time I got home disillusioned I was exhausted but it really did remain in my interests to at least enter.  Today I feel my life is about my ability to flatter to deceive.  Or maybe I am analysing everything universally in that manner – people are really full of such fake bullshit and it really does not pay off to invest or rely in third parties when they have their own thing going on.


PM: Still, without the threat of any lawsuits over the past two days, today can be ruled as somewhat calmer and relieving compared to the beginning of the week.  One day hopefully I will get the lowdown on that little tale and find out what made that grotty old cunt reappeared in my life.


My working day ends with Phoebe hitting me on MSN following an afternoon of lengthy communication with Line.  I still get all my work done though

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