Friday, November 10, 2006

AM: I wake up early with a stinger of a headache and the subsequent low morale.  Outside and on my way to work, my day begins with the most amazing, majestic fiery pink red sky.  I reminds me of how big I actually am in the scale of things and makes me feel insignificant in a positive way.


Still however I travel to work like a goon, on yet another packed and delayed train due to logistics in the Norwich area.  Arriving in Liverpool Street and hoping off the train in front of me is the growling Asian that just makes my being flutter – should I take something from these path crosses, some kind of sign?


As I stagger out of Notting Hill Gate up Portobello Road I find myself avoiding lairy school kids and far too often making eye contact with intimidating homeless people. 


My morning beyond that passes with little disruption.  Upon arrival at work I treat myself and pig out on Tesco triple choc cookies because I missed out on breakfast this morning.

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