Thursday, November 09, 2006

AM: I would have liked a little more sleep this morning. Last night wasn’t too late but I still fell asleep in the middle of an activity. On a brighter note however I did manage to achieve some study.

The train this morning was a relative breeze compared to yesterday. There were no hotties on the wagon but the oft woman sat opposite was using her coat as a pillow as she slept for the entire duration of the journey – I genuinely envied her the entire trip.

I arrive at work flat and flated yet again, this is really a piss poor state of affairs to be seen in.

Today sees another grumpy turn from me. At lunchtime my misery is only compounded by the lady behind the counter at Greggs (that applies her makeup like a bad transvestite) tells me that there isn’t any tomato soup today. However just as I slump back into my desk and print off the Wikipedia page for “misanthrope”, the new girl arrives back from lunch telling me that she has bought too many fish and chips from the chippy, asking me if I want some. Good times!

PM: after a minor griping session, I eventually begin to pick up in the afternoon and when a person emails out of the blue, from a few weeks ago, I am able to tell them how I am feeling about certain events (or rather lack there of) a couple, she being the only person on earth I feel I can discuss these things with.

Things could be worse though, or so I realise when I witness a Larry David/Alan Partridge-esqe boob of astronomical proportions, one you will have to email me about because I cannot put it in blog due to my new coping skill: tact.

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