Friday, November 03, 2006

AM: today has rubbish in the making written all over it, I wake up early in resignation.  I do however manage to blag an abandoned copy of The Sun on the train, after an hour of iPod Yo La Tengo, meaning for a third time this week I do not have to buy my copy.


Unfortunately the rushed transfer into my account last thing does not hit my bank account for this morning so I will now be liable for a heavy bank charge and the bank will not allow me to physically take any of MY money out of the machine.  On a slightly brighter note, my mortgage did actually go through before I went over the silly overdraft so at least I do not have that headache hanging over me.  However on the flipside of that my cowboy property management company have not taken their fees for the month.


Upon arrival at work I find myself on the phone to Natwest for far longer than is healthy, although it is necessary.  Eventually I manage to wangle a £500 overdraft but I don’t get the charge reversed or cancelled…..yet.  Luckily the Natwest employee on the phone today is somewhat more sympathetic and realistic and much more helpful.


All in all though, it results in me not able to afford seeing Borat this evening as planned.


PM: the day pans out healthily.  Radio One today is thoroughly on the ball.  Panic At The Disco are in session and the Gnarls Barkley track “Who Cares” remains on heavy rotation.


All day offers to socialise over the weekend fly in but I don’t have the means or the will, I really have to study soon before the exams land in my lap.


Perhaps today’s highlight arrives at the end of the working day when I am told some gossip about a friend of a former work colleague of mine (current work colleague of them) giving Smerch a BJ!!!!!  Apparently Smerch and the friend were headed out for a dinner date soon which, all in all, brings me on Rupert Pupkin step closer to Ricky and Karl!!!!!!


Despite no money and little charisma I still find myself invited this evening to a house/dinner party around the very gracious Justin and Helen’s, the hosts with the most!

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