Friday, November 17, 2006

Dream: I waken this morning from a disturbing dream. It is yet ANOTHER dream set in my former workplace. As per those two bad years I find myself torn between two “office” “buildings” however this time one is my current place of employment and one obviously Chernobyl and Beaumont Seymour. Confusingly one office (my new one) represents my old bedroom in Holland Road and as Stevo and Sandip keep disrupting me and asking me to join them in frivolities while I attempt to work (them even knocking on my door at one point with sweets) I find myself at my current workplace (supposedly) but instead I am having a conversation with Heddle, that guy once more appearing in my dreams (poor me), with him in the capacity as my current boss. Yes, it is a fucking nightmare!

AM: once I awaken, unable to lie in after all that, I find another person from China trying to get in touch with me on Skype. This time the lady is called Mavis and she is my age this time (at least). And she actually has a phone conversation with me rather than just messengering via Skype. We speak and I find her hard to understand, she sounds like “Mommy” as per the Margaret Cho skits. This seems to last forever, well, at least to past 9PM, my official starting point for study.

Do I study though? Do I fuck. Instead I find myself once more listening to MP3s seemingly attempting to build up steam to study. Before I know it the day has reached 11AM and I haven’t accomplished nish. I eat two bowls of cereal and take stock of the day.

When post arrives, my Ricky Gervais Show podcast CD from Play is there and I have something fun to do/listen to.

I pop out for the daily newspaper, the Friday copy of The Sun with all the great music reviews in the Something For The Weekend section. My walk to the paper shop is just hassle as I arrive and I attempt to hand the stroppy woman in the shop my money only to discover she is waiting for the fat lump crouched to the floor, picking out Pick N Mix. “But I have the correct change” is what I don’t say as I wait huffing. When I finally get the privilege of paying for my paper (not before the bovine lump buys two Euro Lottery scratch cards – I hope she loses) I do so stroppily and stinkily.

PM: Upon returning home to my flat it is suddenly lunchtime and I am really not looking good for accomplishing any study today. Instead I find myself on Soulseek looking high and low for the “new“ Beatles record “Love”. I find a few leaked copies but no one is sharing.

As I consult the TV listings today I notice that after King Of Queens, Channel Four is showing the TV spin-off movie of Bless This House. Suddenly my afternoon is shaped more towards leisure than study. I finally give up any efforts of study and opt to indulge in my seventies fantasy (the seventies would have been my time, I could have been as un-PC as I wanted and people would have loved me for it). Obviously about five minutes in I almost immediately lose interest in Sid James and Robin Askwith’s japes and adventures as I find myself back on Soulseek searching out for leaked copies of the new Deerhoof and Grinderman albums.

Past 3PM and my Friday afternoon is headed straight to Danny Baker’s BBC London radio show. It turns out that the show is coming straight from Abbey Road and there is an open invitation to the listeners for a playback of the “Love” album. Had I more life in me I would have hopped aboard and train and headed up there for six. Yeah right, like I am so spontaneous and impulsive. I just knew though that Danny Baker would be doing something today towards promoting the new Beatles record.

5PM soon comes around and officially I have wasted another day off. As per my prediction I polish the first box of cereal (is it right that a box of cereal only makes three bowls?) and at a loss, I find myself watching Better Off Dead on DVD because I cannot find anything creative to do. I bought the DVD a few weeks ago in the name of nostalgia and fifteen plus years since first watching it, it really isn’t very good although surprisingly I remember a lot of the jokes.

Tonight is Children In Need on BBC1 and this (and Comic Relief) are now owned by memories of David Brent dancing around and pantsing people. It is no longer possible to see any of this dogshit without smiling at the thought of a real workplace hero.

At 9PM two episodes of Simpsons are schedule when really a real person will be scheduling a night out and being social. So on another unsocial Friday night I find myself stuck in, half out of choice, half out of having to be and I fall asleep before the first episode is over (before 9.30!).

I later awaken at past midnight and my sleep pattern and body clock have finally been further ruined. Past midnight, I listen to new Deerhoof and Grinderman MP3s until almost 2AM when I flip on Bang Bang Kiss Kiss in the hope of falling back to sleep before I go insane.

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