Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Today’s Myspace Q&A

This year...

1. Have you had a serious relationship yet this year?

sadly not and it is the one thing I would like more than anything

2.Have you had your birthday?


3. Been to church?

not physically

5. Been on a diet?

permanently, doesn't it show?

7. Drink Starbucks?

yes and it was very tasty. overpriced but they sure know how to make fantastic coffee

8. Went shopping?

every day

10. Been to the beach?

yes, that one in Suffolk on Justin's stag weekend (Aldebugh?)

11. Bought something for over $200?

personal services

12. Met someone special?

not physically

13. Been out of state?

state of what?

14. Gone Snowboarding?

not likely ever since I lost use of my legs and became wheelchair bound you insensitive prick!

15. What are you thinking about?

how miserable I am (ha ha)

Have 2006....?

1. Hugged someone?

yes but it was cold and without feeling

2.Slept in someone elses bed?

probably. lots of sofas too

6. Loaned out money?


7.Gone over your cell phone bill?

yeah, wondering why O2 are so random in their very excessive GPRS charges

8.Been called a whale?


9.Done something crazy?

every day I am irrational

10. Done something you regret?

every day I am irrational


Last thing you bought?

The Sun and the NME

Last Person you hugged?

I can't remember

Last person to call you?

3G Mobile

When was the last time you felt stupid?

being thrash online at Literati by Line

Who was the last person you danced with?

I don't dance, I sit and sweat like real men

Who did you last yell at?

someone on public transport

What did you do today?

the day is young

Natural hair color?


Hair style?





none now



Where would you rather be?

at home for an extended period to get my house into order


Have you ever been in love:


Do you believe in love?

I would like to

Why did your LAST relationship fail?

I don't think it ever got started

Have you ever been heartbroken:

it used to happen quite a lot

Have you ever broken someone's heart:

I would be surprised

Have you ever fallen for your best (guy/girl) friend?

yeah but thats common, you get close to somebody on one and realise what a great person they are, you begin to trust them and they can only but make you feel warm and happy but then it comes to the crunch and you have to become serious and it all goes tits up

Have you ever fallen for someone and never told them?

it used to happen at regular intervals

Are you afraid of commitment?

I don't think I am. perhaps from a lack of opportunities to actually "commit" I may not actually know what it means but I'm no stranger to compromise for the greater cause which I guess is a large part of commitment and tools I feel I have

Would you ever date one of your exes?

would/could it really be a date though? surely a date is like a job interview, you are out to impress, to reveal things about yourself, an ex will surely already know these things. Hanging out with an ex surely cannot be defined as a date. And I guess neither can being fuck buddies. So, in a word "no"

Have you had more than 5 different serious relationships in your life?


Are you missing someone right now:

not really. I could say how I pine for certain rose tinted periods but with hindsight they failed for a reason

Are you happy?

right now I cannot say that I am but with an excessive amount of stress currently circling over my head anyone in my situation would struggle to see light. Ask me the same question in a month and I will be fine

Are you eating anything?

not yet but I was just thinking what should be lunch today, coming to the conclusion that half price Ginsters will today fall into my £1 lunch budget

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