Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday 12 July 2009

“My hurts like a bastard.”

There is a hangover attached to proceedings today. It is 7.30AM and I feel like I just want to be sick. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Once up and moving I leave the house to pick up the Sunday newspapers (including The Observer with its Music Monthly magazine) but promptly I turn around and return inside as the reality of my untreated bedhead causes concern.

So yeah after padding the hair down and looking less like a clown I hit Sainsburys in Stanway and perform the Sunday newspaper run. Not that this helps my head any as by the time I get back the hangover is still in full flow.

Feeling in such I state I proceed to waste the morning away by watching an old episode of Saturday Night Live before tearing into the Hal Hartley Possible Films short movies DVD I currently have on loan from Lovefilm. Even the recurring appearances/performances from Miho Nikaido cannot prevent me from succumbing to my headache and falling asleep.

Back to TV and I crash into an episode of Columbo guest starring Dick Van Dyke. Wow, this is real Diagnosis Murder right there. Its obvious Dick has done it before Peter Falk even appears in the episode; Dick is not putting on his Mary Poppins voice.

Eventually the day nears 3PM and with it time to action my routine of heading to the olds for Sunday lunch. The dog is happy to see me but on the whole this part of my routine is something of a waste every week. I need a life.

While there I watch In The Loop for the second time and with it being something of a quiet copy I feel the need to max out the volume causing the frequently colourful language to impose itself on my parents’ listening. This I feel gets frowned upon.

The evening ends in fun style as the three of us wind up watching the Vincent Price original of The Fly and as our comments fire across the room we turn proceedings into our own version of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

For some reason I still have my headache well into the evening, which ultimately means the day turns out to be a write off.

My day ends with watching Jackass: The Movie and The Adventures Of Barry Mckenzie on TV. This is not a worthwhile use of a day.

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