Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday 28 July 2009

I’ve got something on my mind grapes.

My alarm clock does not go off this morning. Instead I look at my watch to discover in horror that the time is 6.20AM and it is long past time to get up. Panicked I get prepared and ready for the day in new record time.

I sleepwalk to the station in a rush/hurry and still manage to board the 7.03AM despite my late start although the fucker does not leave the station until 7.07AM, which will ultimately equate to yet more lateness getting into Liverpool Street. Have these National Express slimes gone on strike already?

I feel very delicate today, like my chest/stomach is full of little Lego bricks cutting my insides with their jagged corners. Am I suffering from some kind of internal bleeding?

Predictably the train pulls into Liverpool Street late at 8.06AM. Yes, they deserve a strike off the back of the great service they provide.

I get into work and into our newly decorated office. It looks fantastic, even better for having no paperwork or clutter in it as of yet. I remember how big and better my flat looked when I first viewed it for purchase, how the space appeared ample and generally it came as much nicer than the reality/horror it has mutated into.

However as the builders still fuck about with stuff elsewhere on our floor/level the big boss is still an angry boss as the work falls behind schedule.

Our boss has now moved into our office with us which is a combination of hilarity and no fun as it now means proceedings are guarded. We now have to watch our words as almost immediately comments such as “don’t you do any work?” come in.

The electricians are in and as of yet have not finished the lighting in our room which means we are now having to rely on those glorified desk lamps. That should serve to royally fuck my eyes up. When the electricians come into our room to do the work the main one looks like a thin version of Bobby George with cheeky chappy demeanour to match.

I email Chris about DJ Gram and My Shit and about getting some artwork for my failed Long Division with Remainders attempt.

My friend’s ex balks on ATP today. This is the same person that was accusing me of being a misogynist the other Saturday. I wonder if these two events are connected. Probably, that is how the world works my friend.

The passes slowly and eventually not before time lunch arrives. Feeling bloated and out of sorts I opt for the soup option and prepare myself for feeling hungry all afternoon as a result.

My afternoon is spent trying to work on the accounts while the Polish builders build our office around us. Soon this begins to resemble something from a Charlie Kaufman movie. Builder’s bums, I now feel an expert.

Just before the end of the day while we are larking with our boss the angry boss unannounced the angry boss steps into our room and gets in his final snipes, this time targeted at the IT Guy.

As I leave the restaurant I find myself being persuaded into going to the Sonisphere Festival. The persuader is the person that blew me out last weekend. Why don’t I just tell him to “fuck off”?

Eventually due to this distraction it makes me late for my train home missing the 6.20PM meaning that I have to get the 6.30PM. Annoying.

On the train tonight are two werewolf kids. Where the fuck did they come from?

Once back in Colchester obviously I pop into the olds’ place at Balkerne Heights on the way.

After a short stop off soon I head home as I have to get some writing done.

At 9.15PM Nina texts regarding Bea hugging Marcus on Big Brother. I swear I thought tonight the show started at 10PM. Nina and I watch the show texting each other our observations throughout.

Not long after it finishes I turn in for the night.

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