Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday 29 April 2010

The train smells of fart today.  Or is that me?  I hope not.  Again I almost miss the train by dragging my heels, feeling disgusted by the sight of another bin bag on the landing outside my neighour’s door before waving to The Ghost as I pull out of our car park.

It is yet another mixed bag of a train with carriages that don’t match and too many piss streak ones.  Where is the continuity?  All in all this feels like an alternative universe take on proceedings.  Soon upon boarding the train I realise that the air con is on also.  Too soon.

Once into London things are pretty much par for the course, hectic and generally unfulfilling.

Stepping into work it is into a quiet building with the boss decamped in the toilet.  I hope he hasn’t got anyone in there with him.  When he eventually emerges I swear that he is sweating, it must have been a big shit.

From here I proceed to have my most productive day of the week so far which comes with irony as our office feels deserted once more and there is nobody to show off or highlight this productivity to.

To say the day flies by would be an understatement, it passes much quicker than that.  Truly the Tuesday Thursday Blur is now in full motion.

Today is all about the aftermath of Gordon Brown’s comment about the “bigoted woman” yesterday.  On the subject of this The Girl attempts to chip in and get topical although I am able to point out to her how she shushed me yesterday when I was playing/listening to it on my PC.

Soon the day comes to a close.

As I pass through Baker Street this evening I spot the Baker Street Midget.  Not for the first time he gives an expression of wanting to kill me.  From here the rest of the journey home is thankfully devoid of terror.

Once home I set about watching the third political debate but its not amazing stuff.  As all the topics and subjects blend into one it all becomes much of muchness as suddenly it is the small details that capture my attention.  The main thing that I notice is how Cameron and Clegg glare straight into the camera while Brown actually appears to address the room, the real people and humans within it.  Ultimately this is a more natural, genuine and less trained way for a person to carry themselves, which lends a different area of humanity (and dare I say personality) to Brown’s cause.  For me, rightly or wrongly, this begins to count more than the actual content of his responses.

Unfortunately though it all sends me to sleep.  My loss.

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