Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday 20 April 2010

It was perhaps not the smartest move to sleep with the window open last night.  With it today I have a slight headache and sense of overriding weariness.

Somehow I almost miss my train when I step out onto the platform just as it is pulling in.  Away from my usual routine I take a seat further back on the train meaning that I miss my morning glimpse of the regular extras.

Things improve over the duration of the journey as I settle into my new seat and experience a lack of hassle from my fellow commuters.  This is the way it should always be.

Eventually when I step into the restaurant it is to sarcastic greetings from the angry boss while he is talking to the operations managers.  Interesting.  This is not a good vibe to getting first thing in the morning.

With the Filipino in court today over her car claim this means that I am all on my own which means I get the pleasure of answering the phone all day today.  I hate this; I was not employed as a fucking receptionist or secretary.  I’m not good at it either.

Around 9.30AM with nobody around to make the morning coffee I give it a go.  I may as well be making our drinks in a washing machine; the results wouldn’t be much different.

There is an unexpected calmness to proceedings today.  For whatever reason there is definitely something to be said for being in the office on my own.  It’s not like those around me necessarily get in my way or distract me but there is a definite noticeable clarity.  Subsequently as a result of this I find myself having my most productive day in weeks.

Unfortunately I speak to soon as the phone begins and I have to spend a large portion of the day dealing with all the shitty phonecalls I tend to manage to avoid these days.  This hassle only serves to disrupt my getting the February accounts of the new company finished off.  They are already more than late but despite this nobody is chasing for them (but they will eventually).

Late in the morning The Girl pops up on Facebook for the first time in three weeks (since she has been in Ghana).  For a person seemingly stranded on a dark continent she sounds relatively content and happy.  She tells me how she has been getting stoned with the locals on a regular basis, which might be the current key to her happiness.

In the afternoon things pick up slightly as I finally begin to make progress on the accounts.

Today Guru becomes the latest celebrity death I hear about via Twitter.  With the recent reports of him being in a coma it wasn’t sounding good but word appeared to be that he had recovered and was working his way back to health.

Thankfully 5.30PM soon comes around not before time.  On the dot I exit the office and rush home in the hope of getting some stuff done.

On the tube across town tonight I spot Gary Walker again (after spotting him on Saturday at Record Store Day) as he boards at Kings Cross.  I suspect he must be on his way back to Rough Trade as there is a pretty decent instore this evening (one I was half tempted to head over to).

In the end I wind up on the 6.20PM train heading to Norwich.  Early into the journey it becomes apparent that there is a crazy man situated between carriages when it turns out that he is indeed shouting his head off at himself.

Eventually a builder fetches the inspector to deal with the guy as it becomes apparent that the loon is smoking.  As we commuters sit fearful of the guy setting fire to the train the inspector comes along and deals with the man in the English way by giving him a stern talking to.  This hardly solves the problem (just prevents any more smoking).

Later on in the journey while the crazy guy continues to scream in the background (not necessarily on a phone) I watch as the inspector busts some Asian lady for riding a peak train with an off-peak ticket instead of dealing with the noise.  Who needs priorities anyway?

In the end despite my (our) fears the train gets back to Colchester safely and on time.  From here I get home and play out the evening smoothly.  I watch the rest of the latest episode of SNL followed by the celebrity and Muslim baiting 200th episode of South Park, which is particularly great.  Happily I also manage to get a bit of writing done.

Not long afterwards I head to bed where I put on my Personal Services DVD.  For some reason I have been thinking about this movie recently and how I saw it at perhaps a too impressionable age.  Watching it now it is very grim and soon I find myself sleeping through the smut.

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