Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Today has the most comfortable landing that I have experienced in weeks.  From here things begin quite leisurely.

GMTV opens the day with the McCanns groaning as their latest story.  This is not news.

Unsurprisingly as I leave my flat there is a new bin bag sat outside my neighbour’s door.  At least this one doesn’t smell.  Unlike their manners.

When I get in my car in contrast to Chris Moyles’ moaning and critique of Mad Men yesterday this morning he is expressing his fondness for Pineapple Dance Studios.  This certainly suggests a troubled intellect.  From here he begins prattling on about movies, special screenings and unwritten review conventions that they have to abide to.  In other words if they want top guests they cannot say anything disparaging about their product.  He openly reveals how they do not criticise bad movies on purpose (i.e. today the latest Jennifer Aniston movie) for fear of losing favour with PR companies.  Should he be admitting this?  Certain it would explain their weird gushing towards the awful Seven Pounds last year.  So in essence by revealing this he is actually saying “you cannot believe anything that we say.”

Fortunately I don’t have to listen to anymore of this as I soon arrive at the station.  This morning both of my usual parking spaces (“my space”) are taken up which with my undiagnosed OCD truly rocks my world.

From here I board the train almost missing it yet again.  What is wrong with me currently?  Going forward it crawls into town as nobody appears to want to sit next to me until Shenfield, which of course suits me even though it does raise questions in my mind.

Once into London and on the tube at Moorgate on the tube I suffer a minor fright as a thin Sarah lookalike sits opposite me.  For a strong moment I think it is actually her.  I don’t think that this would be a good thing.

Today turns out to be another quiet day in the office.  When I arrive nobody is home and this is pretty much how things remain for the whole day.  The first thing I do is treat myself to an orange and lemonade from the bar.

When the other two eventually arrive they both bring with them packs of biscuits before proceeding to moan at me for not bringing any in myself.  Go figure.

From here the day plays out like a dead zone with no bosses in the building.  Later this lack of authority is probably the factor that sees The Girl and I arguing about the size of each other’s arses.

Lunchtime quickly arrives and I go for the chargrilled salmon and hollandaise sauce option due to not really being hungry from being full with biscuits.

Not long after dinner news begins to break (on Facebook) that Gordon Brown has done something straight out of The Thick Of It.  As I rummage the internets for information I discover that he has called some woman “bigoted” with his microphone accidentally still left on.  Finally, a bit of reality, humanity and personality from one of the candidates.

Beyond this bit of entertain the afternoon plays out in much the fashion of the morning and soon I find myself wheeling back across town towards Liverpool Street and eventually boarding the 6.20PM Norwich train.  As I head through the carriages I spot the arrogant bald guy that commented on my broken iPhone a few months ago.  He still looks like he is being treated for cancer of the fevered ego.

I get back to Colchester with the evening still brilliant and sunny.  Once home I enter our building, passing the bin bags in the process which tonight only serve to nauseate me slightly.  I would still like to kick in her door though.  I’m sorry I’m funny like that.

Upon flipping on the TV I discover the original Batman movie starring Adam West on Film4, which I’ll take over football on TV any night.  With this on in the background I try to write into the night but its just too much at this time, I’m flat out and spent.

Eventually I wind up in bed watching a new episode of 30 Rock before writing an important email to a personal ad before falling asleep to the Starsuckers documentary again.  Later I wake up in the early hours to The Sopranos and the sight of Tony killing Christopher after he rolls their SUV into a ditch.  This is a truly trippy scene to wake into.

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