Monday, May 03, 2010

Monday 3 May 2010 – BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY

Ouch ouch ouch.  Happy bank holiday as I awaken on an airbed in Finsbury Park with a one beer hangover.  This is not ideal.

Eventually after reading a copy of Sight And Sound magazine I get up and murmur with a piss.  From here I grab my iPhone where it has supposed to have been charging all night but unfortunately it hasn’t happened so now on top of my pounding headache I now have battery angst.

Around 9AM Racton emerges and makes good on his promise of bacon.  For a moment I am tempted to chip off immediately but the offer of breakfast is just too appealing.

From here we all have a slow breakfast as my head continues to slam and I try to continue showing good manners.  We watch an early episode from season seven of Curb Your Enthusiasm before I man up, thank the guys for their hospitality and head home to Essex.

Emerging onto Finsbury Park with a hangover on a bank holiday Monday is not necessarily ideal or my idea of fun.  In fact it is pretty fucking far removed from my idea of fun.

I endure a bus ride from their flat to the tube station before heading down to Oxford Circus where I end up getting the tube across to Newbury fucking Park.  It feels like it takes forever to do this.

With rain drizzling down I eventually get to Newbury Park and immediately onto a rail replacement bus heading towards Romford.  If I could list places where I do not want to be going at this time all these places would be on it.

We get to Romford just past 11.30AM where the next train is a round the houses one that stops everywhere and leaves at 11.48AM.  Not ideal.

Eventually I arrive home just before 1PM, my ETA prediction was impressive and sharp.

At this point my head is still raging as I do a number of things to try and cure it and salvage my bank holiday.

I catch the end of Cocoon following comes Antz, which is one Woody Allen movie I have never seen.  And soon I can see why as in the end I barely watch five minutes of it.

With view to making my head feel better I find myself binge eating a dry box of cereal.  From here I begin watching Role Models, which as per Racton’s recommendation, totally delivers.

Around 3PM I break to see if Danny Baker is doing his BBC London show today and indeed he is after it becomes apparent through his patter that he forgot to book the day off.

At 4PM I head to my parents with view to snagging some dinner.  As I leave my flat I notice that Sarah has phoned and left a voicemail.  With this headache (hangover) I can’t face her at this time.

When I get to the olds thankfully there are visitor spaces available and when I step through the door the dog goes crazy for me as usual.  I need this affection at such times.

In the end I appear to strong arm mum into cooking us some dinner as they have apparently already eaten out.  I didn’t though.

From here I watch a download of a very funny episode of the election Bremner, Bird And Fortune before heading home to the reality of having to call Sarah looming.

Once I get back in I make the call only to be happily met by her voicemail.  I feels like a reprieve.  Immediately I go back to watching the remainder of Role Models only to have her calling back straight away.

Happily we end up having another nice phonecall with me getting carried away chatting while look out of my window on a glorious early summer evening.  In a way I know it goes well but equally I realise that I am babbling which sees me slightly dominating the call.  Once more it sounds as if I am catching her in bed studying for her law degree as she appears tired from what sounds like a fantastic weekend she has had away in Dorset (including obligatory visit to River Cottage).  Dorset though, I have previous with people from that place.  The call lasts just under an hour and again suggests/holds promise, maybe this one won’t turn out to be crazy.  Hopefully.

By the time the call is out of the way the clock is now past 8PM and on TV the Dispatches episode is the regarding the run up to the election and what the politicians aren’t telling.  It’s all so so until out of the blue it winds up in Kelvedon of all places covering an issue about trains and car parking or something.  I don’t think I have ever heard Kelvedon mentioned on television ever before.

After this I watch tonight’s Bremner, Bird And Fortune (again very good) before finally finishing off Role Models (also pretty good) before heading to bed.

Life in the fast lane.

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