Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday 31 May 2010 – BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY

Dream: my aunt is holding a family bash in a room that resembles Bloomsbury Theatre.  It’s a good and fun event, out of character for our family.  A number of my successful acquaintances from London are in tow in addition to various former work colleagues from Baker Street.  All in all it is a true mish mash of people from my recent history coming together with family types in a foreign manner that would never happen in reality.  The dream follows through into the next morning where I find myself back at work at Baker Street where the atmosphere is now somewhat more pleasant and ironically my cousin Zoe (as opposed to THE Zoë) is now working at the company.  Upon arrival everyone is buzzing and talking about the party and when my cousin bowls in it turns out that she has been out all night after getting thrown out of the bash last night, a bash put on by her own mother it would seem.  My family.

Today I wake up at around 8.45AM.  This is the best lie in I have had in months and probably has something to do with the fact that the PC at the end of my bed was not on buzzing all night for the first time in maybe in years.  Those are some positive signals.

Outside the world is grey today, the sun has gone and there may even be showers ahead.

I rise around 9AM wondering if there is any news or anything to report today.  It would seem not.  Instead I find myself settling into watching Will And Grace early on as I endeavour to run into the morning with some gusto for writing.

Today I need to do things.  Unfortunately as I go to my fridge for some breakfast and a drink, most of it is already exhausted and gone.  Also I need to get the videocard for my broken PC; I need to be back online.  First however I endeavour to squeeze in some writing before the world resumes/rises.

Thankfully my building is quiet today.  The world seems dead, it is without a sound.  From here I finally do some writing.

Eventually when TV dries up I pull my shit together and head out to PC World.  When I get there I look at all the graphics card and scratch my head.  How many varieties can there actually be?  I send out a message on Twitter/Facebook asking how easy it is to change graphics cards and Pauly responds in the affirmative, stating it is simple.  Here goes then.  In the end I buy the second cheapest (£40) and begin to not concern myself too much at the risk of wasting money.

From here I make the short drive to Sainsburys where I am told that Krave cereal is on promotion (drug cereal!).  I purchase this coupled with Mars milkshake, cheap fizzy caffeine drink (Bolt) and the latest issue of Mojo magazine – a breakfast of champions.

Not satisfied that these purchases are unhealthy enough I head straight to Asda where I buy a sandwich (a sub), juice and more fizzy caffeine drinks (Rockstar).  No sleep till Brooklyn!

When I get home I tentatively approach putting the new graphics card into my ailing PC.  At first it doesn’t take but after a few restarts it eventually begins rolling/working and I feel an enormous sense of satisfaction with the repair job.

Beyond this I plough through the afternoon while outside the weather is making the day resoundingly miserable.  At 3PM I check to see if Danny Baker is doing his BBC London show and indeed he is so I indulge in listening until just after 4PM when I head to the olds.

As I arrive at my parents place at Balkerne Heights the old man is taking the dog out for a walk.  From here we have dinner as the usual Bank Holiday thing occurs.

Tonight the episode of The Simpsons is the episode with Spinal Tap in, which despite having seen maybe a dozen times in the past is still very funny.

After not really accomplishing too much at my parents I eventually head home and once back I take the Simon Baron-Cohen autism test in which I score a worrying 30 which is actually quite borderline to being Rain Man.  Told ya.

Bored I watch the first episode of Community, the latest US comedy show that the Guardian Guide was raving about this weekend.  My reaction to it is lukewarm even though it does feature a great turn by John Oliver as an alcoholic teacher.  Chevy Chase unfortunately is less spectacular.

Eventually I head to bed where Shaun Of The Dead is ITV.  This is what I fall asleep to this evening.

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