Saturday, May 01, 2010

Saturday 1 May 2010

This morning I wake up around 8AM thinking that it is later.  I do so clothed and with a sense of shame and guilt.  I do not know why.  Fortunately I do not have a headache or hangover because I only drank two pints last night.

From here I do the Asda thing.  Staggering through the store out of sorts I spot and avoid Rachel, the wife of Mr Pan.  I do these things in order to avoid awkwardness and not to be ignorant.  This is the honest truth.

I buy what I have to (and nothing more) and soon I find myself at the self-service checkout belittling myself with my unhealthy food of shame trying to avoid anyone having to assist me with my packing.  These machines are not my friend.  I remember when they were first introduced.  It is almost five years now and still they baffle me.  How do they detect everything?  Why do they pull me up on stuff that scans easily while missing out every time I pull a fast one?

I get back to the flat just after 9AM where I listen to the Danny Baker Show while scoffing cocktail sausages for breakfast.  After a month plus of healthy and positive eating I am now throwing it back out the window, as it would appear it just does not work.  Then soon I find myself returning to bed where I watch the online stream of this show on my computer.

After the show finishes I return to the Starsuckers documentary DVD that I finally manage to watch in full and eventually pays off with dirt about the Live 8 event and all the hypocrisy that came with.

From here I put on the Alexei Sayle’s Stuff season 1 DVD that I fall in and out of sleep of during its three hour play.  This is how you waste you a Saturday.  Sadly the show does not hold up very well which genuinely surprises me.

When the DVD is over by now I am well into wasting away the afternoon.

At 3PM BBC Radio London has live coverage of Millwall at Tranmere.  Even though the last time we played them we thrashed them 5-0 at home today I have a bad feeling about this game, which unfortunately proceeds to get realised.  At the end of the first half Tranmere are awarded a dodgy sounding penalty, which they promptly put away.  In the second half when Robinson scores, for a moment I think they mean that Paul Robinson has scored an equalizer (and I actually cheer) but it actually turns out to be a Scouse wonder goal.

The game ends at 2-0 to Tranmere and the score proves extra galling as Charlton do everyone an expected favour of beating Leeds.  Everyone is fucking choking at the moment.

Heading into the evening I fail to get going, occasionally toying with the idea of seeing if anyone wants to go out.  However this comes to nothing.

It is a truly gorgeous evening as a fresh breeze climbs into my apartment.  Through the open window the air has a strange fragrance, I can’t tell if it is me or the environment but regardless it is all invigorating.

Eventually I begin writing and with effort it begins to flow.  In the background I have Radio 7 playing in the background, which lands on an episode of Hancock.

From here I keep up pace and nail another entry as the ball begins rolling again.  Unfortunately when I run spell check the file crashes and my entire Word application dies and loses what resembles a significant/substantial amount of work.

At this point at the climax of a tough day I just throw my hands up in defeat and give in.

From here I head to bed where I pick up on TV, eventually falling asleep to the new (and bad) Mark Radcliffe narrated rock music programme.

Annoyingly I reawaken in the early hours, just as Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back begins.  It feels weird watching Kevin Smith movies now, they come with a real weight and remind me of an exciting period that I hold so dearly and miss so much now.  More than anything they remind me of Gringo Records and Bella.  Why is it that those times now feel so much better than now?  I’m not really convinced that they were but for some reason my instinct suggests that they were.  Perhaps they came with a sense of freedom and optimism that is so rare now.

I just about make it to the end of the movie before passing out.

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