Saturday, May 08, 2010

Saturday 8 May 2010

Today is a rainy Saturday.  I could suggest that this climate represents my temperament and mindset at this time but that would just been too cheesy.  Too many bad things happened to me yesterday, too many little things that all linked together to become a large thing and ruin my day.  Things do not appear to be any better this morning so here I am bunker style, avoiding all and sundry or anything that could lead to conflict.  I wish I could stay in here forever.

Fortunately I wake with no hangover so at least some things are going my way.

Around 9AM I head over to Asda where I plod around the store disillusioned.  I do not buy more than usual or than is needed.  From here I return home around 9.30AM.

It is evident that I won’t be writing again today, as a day of licking my wounds appears to be on the agenda.  Last night sucked.  It served to sap my enthusiasm and energy for humanity.  What really is the point of being social if it entails the necessity to be obnoxious?  Maybe I am confusing being competitive with being obnoxious but where is the necessity in that either?  Honestly I don’t hate people I just seem to feel better when I am not around them.

As per routine I listen to Danny Baker on Radio Five who this week has Gary Lineker as a guest on the phone and he just feels like a waste of space, still very much a member of the “Reader’s Wives”, a term that Baker himself coined who also included Mark Lawrenson I believe, another person that he has had as a guest on his new Saturday morning show, a choice that reeks of cavalier hypocrisy.  Kudos.

When the show ends at 11AM I grab my copy of the John Landis documentary Slasher.  This is the movie that he was talking about at his BFI talk a few months ago.  It’s an illuminating and fun documentary full of character but I have to concede that by the end I do lose interest.

From here I stagger into watching Extract starring Jason Bateman and Kristen Wiig amongst others during which I do fall asleep even though the movie starts strongly.  When I reawaken I pick up the movie from where I left off and watch it until 3PM when I switch to the radio for the closing day of the football season (as far as Division One is concerned).

I spend my afternoon listening to Millwall v Swindon on BBC London, which a few years ago wouldn’t have been available due to copyright restrictions.

Today represents the most exciting day of the football season as any five of the top six clubs sat beneath Norwich can still snag the second promotion place currently occupied by those scumbags Leeds.  Positioned third and fourth in the league the reality that Millwall have Swindon at home is an insane piece of fixture fortune.  Elsewhere Leeds have Bristol Rovers at home, which in theory they should win easily but Bristol Rovers have been showing a little bit of fight recently and Leeds have been spluttering and choking for months now.

I use this afternoon as a spiritual barometer, an opportunity to rejuvenate proceedings and provide an improvement in recent fortunes.

Unfortunately early on this does not look likely to happen as Swindon take an early lead at The Den.  Such is life as I shrug back into depression.  Thankfully things improve when we get our own dodgy penalty, which goes some way to compensating for the dodgy penalty given against us at Tranmere last week.  Sounding confident Steve Morison smashes the thing home.  Things begin to trend upwards.

Not long afterwards news begins to filter through that Leeds have had a player sent off and then even better that Bristol Rovers have actually taken the lead against them.  Even I was not expecting that.  Unfortunately elsewhere Charlton are now winning at Oldham and have managed to creep/crawl into second place for the moment being.

As things move into the second half early on Millwall take the lead through an own goal as all things erupt.  Frustratingly soon Leeds score an equaliser which causes things to suddenly feel precarious as you can’t help but feel Bristol Rovers are bound to buckle at any moment having probably shot their load.

Back at The Den with Neil Harris now on the field Morison adds a third to make it confidently 3-1 and with it Millwall have done their part unfortunately one week too late.

The inevitable Leeds winner arrives and once again one of the most undeserved promotions in football history appears to be back on the cards again, on the verge of being sealed.

Late into the game at Millwall Swindon pull a goal back but it ends 3-2 as frustratingly the Leeds game plays out for a number of agonising injury time minutes until the scum seal promotion.  Such is life right now.

From here a continued sense of poor fortune for the period begins to grab hold.

I return to my desk where I start writing and eventually it begins to flow.  As evening becomes night I feel as if I am finally beginning to nail things.  Unfortunately at the end of a pretty decent piece of writing Word crashes while running spell check seeing me lose a number of pieces/files.  With this I respond with drama as if it were some kind of disaster.

At this point I throw my arms in the air and turn in for bed.  Why bother?  From here I pass out watching bad TV.  These things happen.

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