Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday 16 May 2010

Dream: for some reason Saturday Night Live is recording an episode in London and my boss takes a group of us to visit them recording at the BBC for some kind of business reason (perhaps to drum up some business for the restaurant).  I bump into various members of the cast including Kenan Thompson, Seth Meyers and Jason Sudeikis.  In the dream I try to make conversation with them but it is laboured, almost impossible.  I tell Thompson how much I love his DeAndre Cole character before tearing into a version of “What Up With That?” which goes down like a lead balloon.  Why don’t people like me?

Today I awaken around 8.15AM feeling refreshed but not quite as much as I was hoping to feel.  With nothing to do and no desire to crawl out of bed just yet, I finish watching last week’s episode of SNL with Betty White as the guest host.  It nails many funnies.

Soon 9AM and with it this week’s Andrew Marr which today features amongst other things Amanda Platell reviewing the newspapers.  She’s a hater.  Elsewhere Marr speaks to David Cameron but he just wonks like Charlie Brown’s teacher.  By this point I have arrived at my desk and have happily started writing.

At 10AM The Big Questions arrives and no Sunday morning would be complete without Nicky Campbell acting like a real tool throwing his weight about.  Once more this tripe goes in one ear and out the other as I manage to genuinely tear into writing for the first time in more than two weeks.

Feeling hungry after completing a couple of pieces I make the probably unwise decision of opening a box of Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Clusters with milk chocolate curls which I promptly proceed to eat dry from the box.  This is madness.

In the background I put on the repeat of Amir Khan’s victory over Paul Malignaggi from Madison Square Garden last night.  I still don’t like this guy.

Writing continues until just after midday when I discover that Rebel Without A Cause is on Channel Five.  This is without doubt a great film with themes and topics that still feel very relevant today, even to me at the age of 33, which in a way is kind of pathetic.

After James Dean I press on with writing into the afternoon before getting distracted by the occasional video in the form of Sarah Silverman Program, Craig Ferguson and The Daily Show all getting in the way.

The words goes well fuelled by more weird tea and a can of Rockstar caffeine drink, basically if you could put raw caffeine into anything I would eat it.

At 5.20PM Blues Brothers 2000 arrives on ITV4.  I have to shamefully admit/concede that I quite like this movie.  Sure it is completely pissing on the grave of John Belushi but it is fun if somewhat disappointingly removed from the original.

I still wonder at times if this movie was my downfall back in 2004 as it was the movie I was watching when I blew out Stevo a few days before Butt Road suspended and then shit canned me.  Were my actions/gestures that evening ones that prompted him to report me to the bosses?  This has always been something of a curiosity to me.

As I hover over the movie I also write and achieve a lot before realising that the day has flown by and that the time is now 8PM.

It is around this time that word/reports filter through that Ronnie James Dio has died of cancer.  More sad news, I fucking hate that disease.

From here I begin to wind down with view to watching the Boy George docudrama.  It would seem after several years of going strong nostalgia for the eighties remains large.  It is truly weird now to be seeing docudramas of events in my lifetime.

Ultimately it is dull and soon I fall asleep.  I reawaken just before 1AM with a Soft Cell documentary on TV.  It makes them sound better and more than the one hit wonder that they actually were.  It is particularly depressing to see their manager still rocking the wacky persona with a prison arrows and white gloves for no reason.  Its weird how all these soft eighties synth bands now have a new kind of sinister legacy attached to them.

After this as the day heads into the early hours of a new date She’s Having A Baby arrives as the second John Hughes movie on BBC2 in as many days.  The movie holds up really well and manages to maintain my attention and when it ends I find myself still wide-awake as hours of potential sleep get decimated.

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