Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday 23 May 2010

Today sees entry timed at 8AM.  Outside the day is already glowing and there is again an optimistic (potentially false) tone attached to proceedings.

The early hours are attached to the news.  Today I am supposed to be going on a ramble from Crystal Palace to Hackney but with the replacement train service in place there is no chance of me making the 10.45AM meeting place in time.  This is an invitation I feel insane for turning down but with public transport as it is, it just does not feel feasible at this time either.  Once more National Express East Anglia serves to dictate and ruin my life.

I stumble into a message on Facebook from the mutual friend of my American Friend.  She’s asking me things about the girl that I do not think I can respond to without sounding like an arsehole or unreasonable.  It feels like a trap.

As per usual 9AM arrives with Andrew Marr whose guests today include Nick Clegg the political power tool.  I however find myself watching an episode of Jersey Shore with the interview occurring in the background.  This is perhaps why I will never get anywhere in life.

The big news today is that Fergie has been caught out selling herself to the News Of The World, acting like a common prostitute in the process.  Its an ugly sight of an ugly person but really why are we supposed to care so much?  Don’t we already harbour enough disdain for the royal family both past and present?  Surely this represents shooting fish in a barrel.  After years of her being a dubious sort anyway wouldn’t it only have been shocking were it Princess Di selling the family out.

Afterwards thankfully there is no The Big Questions this week and no need to feel it necessary to harbour the usual hatred for middle classes and minorities that the show seems intent in causing/creating.

This morning I get into writing in a big way finally broaching my giant pile of seven inch singles stacked on the floor that now reach up to my knee.  It is a worryingly arduous task, arduous in the most middle class manner imaginable.  I should be shot for describing listening to music as arduous but then again most of them do prove to be dross.  I sure know how to waste my money.

Early on I make the conscious decision that I am not heading to my parents today so I make the call and apologise for my no show, for being a bad son.

The time is now 11.22AM and I have just phoned home to let them know I won’t be bowling up for Sunday lunch this afternoon.  Today I have broken from routine and it feels exhilarating.  As I sit at my desk writing this shit with my window open in the distance all that can be heard are the moronic strains of some imbecile playing Robert Miles followed by Girls Aloud (“Jump”) at full volume.  What are they celebrating?  Their stupidity?  What part of the consciousness makes them think this act is enjoyable for anyone/everyone else?  I wonder if the sound is emitting from the barracks.  More and more I begin to sense it is.  If this is the mental state of the modern British army then this would suggest that this is probably a prime time for us to be invaded.  Perhaps the dude is just trying to relive some kind of nightclub rape scene fantasy.  Maybe.

I do not even recognise their third selection.

Despite this today remains gorgeous.  Through my window regularly comes a tranquil breeze, which serves to keep things in order as the pounding heat of yesterday does not prove quite as stifling as yesterday.  This is genuine bliss.

From here writing flows well into the afternoon.

Eventually I take a break and I begin watching Buffalo 66.  This movie remains amazing, a truly touching and emotional film for me with a lot of memories and meaning attached to it.  Where is Gallo these days?

Elsewhere I then later discover Rocky being shown on Virgin channel and suddenly it occurs to me that I have never seen this movie all the way through from start to finish, which I proceed to do for the first time.  I never knew they didn’t actually bother announcing the result at the end.

With the day headed into the evening I next find myself watching The Treasures Of Long Gone John documentary about the guy that runs Sympathy For The Record Industry as has something of a reputation of being a collector and a hoarder, something I can naturally associate with.  Some of the stuff the guy has is incredibly and with it he appears to have managed to turn his belongings (his collection) into some kind of art collection.  I truly indulge in this documentary as it helps me to justify my own crappy collection of stuff.

At 7PM I wind up watching Rihanna perform live on BBC3 where she is playing their Big Weekend event.  I have to admit to being slightly disappointed by her show.

Afterwards I then find myself watching the remainder of The Medallion on Channel Five which is a movie the station appears to show every few months.  It stars Jackie Chan, Lee Evans and Claire Forlani and makes no sense whatsoever but being a fan of Forlani it holds my attention/concentration.  I swear I first saw this movie one weekend while dog sitting Meg in Harlesden.

Around 9PM I head to bed on a beautiful summer evening which is proving just too warm to endure.  I eventually nod off watching a download of this week’s Have I Got News For You.  Briefly and occasionally I reawaken but it’s never substantial.

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