Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday 20 May 2010

Dream: I am on a train pulling into Colchester station.  In front of me I have a full desk of work related stuff in front of me including a PC.  Sat to my right across the aisle is The Girl.  As the train stops in the station I find myself struggling to closedown iTunes on the computer and log off.  As people finish exiting the train finally my computer closes and I manage to bundle up my stuff and make a leap (storm) for the door just as the train begins pulling out of the station meaning that I am now stuck on the train until the next stop at Manningtree.  This is a moment met with frustration by me, a gesture of the latest slap in the face at these times.  Additionally my train ticket does not cover the extra journey and now as a result I begin to feel a sense of panic.

This morning I feel exhausted, another last night early morning combination was not a wise move.  From here I stare at GMTV where a failed tennis player talks with the tone of a failed Nazi.

Gradually I pull myself together and leave for the station.  My neighbours are no longer leaving their bin bags out by their door on the landing.  I guess a snotty letter was sent out, not that I received it.

I get to the station in good time, comfortable and relieved that this is almost it for the week now.  A day off (such as tomorrow) is like gold to me these days.

At Witham Stare Girl boards our carriage again and later at Chelmsford she gets joined by Fading Blonde in the familiar extras stakes and with this all feels right with the world.  It is the small doses of continuity that lend comfort to these excursions.

In the end it all turns out to be a comfortable ride into town, which reaches a climax with me beginning to exchange glances (stares) with Stare Girl from Witham.  Why bother?

Before I know it I am standing on the Liverpool Street tube platform getting bumped from behind by an uppity girl.  Subtly I bump back and enjoy it.  Elsewhere on the train is the latest Parminder Nagra lookalike and as ever it’s a good look.

Stepping into work today feels like Friday.  In addition to this, the day also possesses focus, which helps me have a productive one.  Well, a productive day until lunchtime when the boss requests a bespoke activity report on our booze supplier.  From here the Filipino and I set about pulling said reports off Sage and onto Excel but basically we find ourselves pulling in different directions.  When all is said and done each version has its strengths but hers contains more detail.  Had she pursued her career as an accountant she would be wiping the floor with me right now.

On Facebook today it is “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” and this is what causes Pakistan to bar both Facebook and Youtube in their country.  As a result of this (as DRUNKHULK correctly points out) Pakistan must suddenly have the most productive offices on the globe.  Certainly it wouldn’t be a bad thing if Facebook and Youtube were banned in this country, even if only for a day.  The draw Mohammed thing though is just ridiculousness piled upon ridiculousness.  This is a Facebook group designed to cause/create agitation but at the same time the reaction to it from people of that faith is just going to be obscene and absurd.  Nobody wins and everyone involved is just a fucking fool.

After a speedy morning and fast early afternoon eventually the final two hours run excruciatingly at a snails pace but eventually 5.30PM arrives and from here I head straight to Holland Park.

It’s a gorgeous night for it, these evenings are becoming achingly pleasant now and any night I am not doing anything in conjunction with them, I just feel that I am wasting all the possibilities that the world and life has to offer me.

I get to Holland Park a little earlier than I said I would so I make a call out and soon I am turning up in better time than expected.

In many ways tonight resembles something of a mistake.  Not long after arriving I find myself getting into conversation about Szesze, Sarah 2 and eventually onto Mindy my American friend.  Angela says they all sound like whack jobs with Szesze sounding a user, Sarah 2 being mad and Mindy being bored.  Perhaps.  All in all though this is how you kill a mood, you talk of other (bad) experiences when faced with someone who just might turn out to be the latest in a long line.  Then she mentions Zoë and operation mood kill is finally completed.

Regardless from here we play and she seems to take great delight indulging in her pleasures that are generally at my expense.  It’s an experience.  Unfortunately tonight she stinks.  Every time she breathes on me it is with putrid breath tainted by age and smoking.  Eventually we do our thing and it all ends in a bored foot massage and her taking photos.  We finally bring proceedings to close as I get dressed before heading off.  The things I am driven to do.

From here the stroll through Latimer Road onto Holland Park is an upbeat walk of shame.  I no longer feel intimidated by this area, perhaps I should be.  As ever I wonder if I am covered in stink, if it shows what I have just been up to.

Regardless of the dressing tonight things feel light because it is in full knowledge that I do not have work tomorrow.  By the time I get to the train station I am smiling a smile of pure delusion.  From here the subsequent ride across town on the Central Line is a snappy and amusing one, one where I think people are staring at me because I have a glow.

When I get to Liverpool Street I buy a flapjack and wind up on the weird 9PM Lowestoft train home.  In the end I get home around 10PM just in time for this week’s You Have Been Watching.  This is a win.

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