Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Tuesday 4 May 2010

Dream: I am involved in setting up a cathouse in some flats.

From here I enter the day more comfortably than any day over the weekend.  Thankfully there is no indication of the headache that blighted yesterday, which in a way was very annoying.

This morning feels frosty again, it is truly brisk and I feel frustratingly underdressed for it.

I board the train sitting opposite the Crazy Laptop Lady who once again spends the entire duration of our journey staring at her computer in wonder as if it were magic or she was looking at some red hot sleaze providing entertaining that her partner could never dream of coming anywhere near to imagining.

Regardless of this it is a relatively comfortable ride.  At Chelmsford the Square Hair Man boards the train.  How does a person get his hair in such a way?  Semen?

Once in London as I get off the train I spot Fading Blonde and suddenly I feel that I have achieved a full set of extras for the morning.

Boarding the tube I spot a large Faria Alam crossed with Phoebe Cates lookalike.  It’s a wicked combination, I’m attracted to her.  Go figure.  Perhaps it is the actual original Faria Alam just having let herself royally go.  Maybe.

Unsurprisingly when I get into work it is to the computer network being down.  This disruption is just too obvious.  Eventually my boss comes in and performs the switching the server on and off tactic.  He shouldn’t be having to do this though.  Perhaps I should be more proactive but more so perhaps we should be treating our IT guy a bit better.  It might save on the apparent sabotage.

From here the week begins in a flurry as the bosses gear up for a meeting with the lawyers and before we know it in our office it is just us left on the floor which technically makes me in charge.

When the network finally gets back up and the emails come in it is to an invitation from Martin to the famous South London rambles, this one being in a couple of weeks.  I jump at this invite.  My social stock must be rising.

Today the IT guy is in and he is asking me about Twitter.  It is weird explaining the thing to him because it is like explaining something to your dad and yet IT is this guy’s area of expertise, he really should have been on it from day one.  Ultimately I don’t think I do a very good in explaining it to him but now I find myself with an extra follower which causes/prompts me to quickly delete/remove that Tweet I did first thing this morning bemoaning the fact that our network was down.

Towards the end of the morning I receive a sad email from Szesze:

“From: Milkywhisky
Sent: 04 May 2010 11:16
To: Jason Graham
Subject: Re: hi u

Hi J

Sorry didnt reply earlier. How was your bank holiday? It was so cold. Did you finally get your refund with the concert at Southbank? or if Gil Scott-Heron will re-arrange his performance?

Well my 2009 was not good and my 2010 is still picking up last year's pieces. I have not been speaking or seeing any friends. I keep myself hidden in my cave. Thanks for thinking of me. Yes I still live in the same place that you came for a visit on Candice's third birthday. I am still questioning myself if taking-over the restaurant was a mistake. Just now, I realise how stubborn I am and that stubborness can make me stumbled badly. Well cut the long story short, I lost the whole investment. Unfortunately, till now the council is still chasing me for the rates which I am still battling with them to make them see it was not my liability. I worked so hard for a year in the restaurant, it does make me feel stupid after all effort and re-decorate that place. I had problem with the landlady. She tried to bully threaten to forfeit lease unless I would pay her a large sum of money and increase my rent immediately. I think that was ridiculous particularly in this crunchy times. She thought I had made loads from that place. In fact, I was only managing my expenses. Then I made my decision to give up. It was not worth it really. I had sacrified all my time with my kids-you rememeber? And that makes my heart aches. I thought at least I could get some financial benefits in return. But it did not.

Yes I have finally sent Candice to that Catholic fee paying school. She enjoys it a lot from her little face. But I will have to stop her next academic year. Well this is my plan anyway. Jaden were supposed to start too. sad.

No I did not find another accounts job. I am also trying to contact my manager in my old firm these few days to see what is happening in the company. I am actually quite lost. I need time to comes to terms with everything happened (both in reality and in my whole life). Sometimes, I thought to myself if you lived only next door, I am sure you will become our closest family friends. I could come bombard you with my personal problems. hahahha. Though we only had met few times, I rememeber you were always funny. "bonkers!!"  haa hhahah. When people said that, it reminds me of you. I hope we still can be friends.  I think you are a nice guy. Have you had any fun dates with other ladies or guys ?!?!?!

Martin is ok. He is going to Hong Kong today for a little while.



I read the email with a sense of bemusement.  Why is this coming in to me now?  So as with buses, just as Sarah arrives on the scene Szesze returns also.

As per usual the Tuesday Thursday Blur soon we reach lunchtime where I attempt to avoid eating unhealthily and have chargrilled salmon, hollandaise sauce and new potatoes, in other words that dish that I have when I am feeling guilty.

Around 1PM the bosses (the powers that be) return with a bluster and with them comes the consultant which can only ever equate to some kind of headache for me.

From here I get pulled into a meeting downstairs in a booth in the restaurant.  Suddenly it turns out that the auditors are coming in on Monday.  Just like that, without any warning (to me).  A little heads up peoples.

As we sit in the booth they order food and I find myself being caught on the hop being asked questions I do not necessarily know the answers of from the top of my head.  I really do not appreciate being put in this position.  These guys want me to window dress which is a sophisticated job when it comes to accounting, a skill that is not taught in any books and requires a lot of care in order not to fuck up.

Eventually I leave them to their food as I saunter back upstairs to print off two year old reports for the consultant.  It all just feels a bit late in the day to be addressing these things now.  Happily though soon after lunch he leaves which allows me to potter for the rest of the afternoon as I try to first work out what his requests are and then deliver on them.  Truly at times this guy is a liability.

Tonight Justin is in town se at 5.30PM I head to Angel to meet up with him.  When I arrive there he is at Sadler’s Wells with Roman who is Sone Institute.  Seldom do I go south of Upper Street but it is a really nice area of London.  For the first time I spot our St Johns Street restaurant and it looks a cosy place but in an unfortunately quiet area which reiterates its reliance on Sadler’s Wells custom.

As I head towards the place Justin informs me that Damon Albarn is in the building and perhaps if I am quick I will get to spot him.  Alas I am too slow and miss the guy.

Roman turns out to be a really cool guy as I find myself observing some kind of label/artist meeting.  These are exciting times, the record is sounding good and getting some degree of recognition as enthusiasm is running at a high.  These are the things I miss from being involved in music.  Did my own experiences ever get this good?

After Sadler’s Wells Justin and I head off towards Farringdon in search of a place to get something to eat.  Eventually we wind up in some fancy bar that does dim sum which presents us with plenty of win.

It turns out to be a very good night.  Both Justin and I are in good spirits despite being exhausted from working hard.  There is a degree of satisfaction attached to proceedings though, a sense that what we are doing is right and heading in the right direction.

Eventually after all is said and done this place turns out to be very memorable for the tiny football goals that are placed in the stand up cubicles in the men’s toilets.

Once finished up I pay the tab as we head towards Farringdon with a sense of victory.  After we go off in our separate directions I manage to snag a decent train out of Liverpool Street which later means I get home at a relatively decent hour.

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