Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday 19 May 2010

Things feel improved again this morning.  They kind of felt this way yesterday and look where that ended.  Today senses are that times are lighter and more upbeat than recent memory has allowed.  Am I currently experiencing some kind of early morning delusion attached to the mornings now being sunny?  The signs are all there.

Millwall actually feature on the GMTV sports news this morning (following the Fabregas non-story first obviously).  Those chimps can’t even pronounce “Millwall” and they are paid professional journalists.

Stepping out of the flat this morning it is into another sunny morning, which is also the first one that is not freezing for probably the first time this year.  When the train arrives it is another piss streak one.  Where is the continuity?  You just cannot rely on these people and their service in they’re not wearing the right uniform.  That said though it does feel like a faster train than usual.  Go figure.

From here the ride into town is smooth.  At Witham the awkward staring girl boards our carriage and I fear I am now becoming slightly obsessed with her.  I want to know why she glares so much, is there something wrong with her pupils?  Or does she just life in disbelief at the sight of other people/humans?  I could probably fancy her if we got that mystery out of the way.  Lucky lady.

Before I know it we are comfortably pulling into Liverpool Street and into the working day.  On the tube platform I spot Bellalike as a train almost immediately arrives.  Elsewhere on the tube I notice a distressed looking Parminder Nagra lookalike.  It’s a good look.

Today’s nutter at Kings Cross comes in the form of a butch lookalike of my American Friend.  She is a very compact lady who looks a goer.  Tight and wide.  At Baker Street when I change over to the Jubilee Line she follows me off one train and onto the other.  After this when I get off at St Johns Wood she also exits and I begin to become a tad paranoid.  Luckily I eventually lose her at Loudoun Road as she heads towards Abbey Road but for a while there it was looking close.  Why do these shitty memories constantly follow me around like a bad smell?

I step into work first this morning, into a quiet pleasant restaurant.  To celebrate I pour myself an orange juice before heading upstairs to take my perch.  Mere minutes after I do this, settle down and begin to bed in the consultant turns up out of nowhere.  This isn’t good, I don’t want to be dealing with this at such an early hour.

For an awkward moment we acknowledge each other before resorting to our various tasks.  He asks me about Millwall last night, which I know is hard for him being a West Ham supporter and I suspect is part of the reason that we do not get along.

A few minutes later the Filipino turns up and when she sees him she pulls a face.

From here a potentially tense morning ultimately turns out to be an OK one as the consultant gets on with other stuff and leaves me alone to do my thing.  As a result I am able to continue with the year-end accounts on the new company that I am doing without his say so.

Elsewhere everyone in the office is acknowledging the Millwall win to me.  “Isn’t it great?”  At one point my boss calls me into his office and offers to pay for the play off final, tickets and treats.  It’s a nice bonus.

In the end the day flies by like a breeze.  Eventually 5.30PM arrives and I head home.  This week it is genuinely nice to be back on the 6.20PM Norwich train again, there is comfort in routine.

Soon I find myself home where I sink into another beautiful summer evening of not very much.

Tonight I potentially unwisely respond to another Craigslist profile.  This will only end in tears again.

Eventually my night ends as I receive a late message via Facebook from Nikki who informs me that “our American friend” has announced her engagement on Facebook with a wedding date set to take place on 10/10/10.  How cheesy and trite.  And with that the day comes full circle.

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