Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Wednesday 5 May 2010

Dream: I have a Facebook nightmare.

Outside it is very sunny and spectacular today.  Unfortunately it is also still freezing with it.  Things are trending upwards though it would seem.

This morning I faff around as I shave poorly before remembering that my parking ticket is set to expire today.  With this my computer grinds to a halt as I endeavour to renew it only to eventually discover that it’s not due until tomorrow.  My bad.

Morale has drooped.

With a rush I manage to get on the 6.59AM train, seeing an old Wellington House type in the process.  Have they all migrated to commuting now?  Jerks all of them, one and all.

At Witham the Dedham Clone boards and sits opposite me.  Scarily she gives me a look as if to say “I remember you.”  Is it really her?  I don’t think so.  Am I hallucinating?  Quite possibly.

From here arrival into London is a pretty smooth ride.

Being Wednesday the bosses are on their rounds so I step into an empty restaurant this morning.  The calm is refreshing and invigorating.  I treat myself to an orange juice and lemonade just as the Filipino steps through the door.

Soon the day gets going with me trying to sort out the requests of the consultant.

Today for some reason Fearne Cotton plays “Seether” by Veruca Salt as part of her New Music Generator item.  New?

Things improve as the angry boss steps into our office and enquires “who likes peanuts?” before throwing a couple of shiny bags of chilli nuts at me.  High times.

Quickly it becomes lunchtime and we do our thing.  Over lunch I find myself witness to a conversation based on how you pronounce the word “issue.”  Every time the Filipino says the word I say “bless you” because it sounds like she is sneezing.  They don’t get the joke, they don’t me full stop.

As well stumble into the afternoon suddenly we have Twixgate as some kind of accusation and argument occurs over as to who has eaten all the bars of Twix.  In my defence I have not had one, I am not a fan.  Not that anyone believes me so ultimately I may as well have had the fucking lot.

With this a sour tone attaches itself to the afternoon and proceedings.  What had started out as jokey banter suddenly goes too far and becomes personal as we (The Girl and I) upset each other.

Last night my left eye started giving me problems and this has followed me through into today and now by the end of the day it is uncontrollable.  Thus I blame this for why I don’t do much work today; it makes for a good excuse.  This I expect to pay for tomorrow.

Eventually 5.30PM comes around and on the tube to make up for our tempered day I tell The Girl about my “date” with Sarah tomorrow.  From here we go some way to patching things up as we reach some kind of understanding.  She seems very happy for me to be meeting someone, to having a date but I’m trying not to get too excited or carried away by any of it.  Tradition dictates that I’ll only fuck it up or she’ll turn out to be a bitch (or both).

Once I leave her and change at Baker Street and hit the Metropolitan Line the ride across town to Liverpool Street is devoid of drama.

Tonight as the train journey home reaches between Kelvedon and Marks Tey I spot two hot air balloons in the distance taking off.  This vision improves my evening immeasurably, for some reason it seems to represents a vision of freedom.  I guess it reminds me of Night Crossing.

I get home with everything happy.  From here I run a bath before falling asleep ahead of getting into it.  Fortunately I reawaken early enough to hop in it and prepare for tomorrow’s date.  I polish the turd that is Jason Graham.

Beyond this I head to bed and pull out my Falling In Love DVD.  The first time I watched this movie was the night before I had a date with a girl called Nicky Miller.  For some reason at that time I thought the date might go the same way as the movie.  I was stupid and naïve.  Watching the movie tonight for the first time I clock that Robert De Niro’s wife is the mum from Malcolm In The Middle.  Go figure.  In the end viewed through more mature eyes this film is truly a load of old tripe, what the fuck were De Niro and Keitel doing?

Frustratingly when the movie ends I find myself still wide awake so sensibly I put on In The Loop which is more me these days.

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