Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday 25 June 2010 – WORLD CUP DAY FIFTEEN

Today is the one year anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson.  That was a weird day.

I wake up feeling beat this morning, beat to a degree that is not recognisable to me.  I feel dizzy.  As a result of this I am grumpy.

The weathergirl on GMTV (Clare) is reporting from Glastonbury which gives the world a sense of forced fun.

Again this morning I find myself getting into a driving incident when at the station a Mini coming from the left doesn’t give way to me and as I almost drive into its side he decides to sound his horn at me.    Sometimes I think it would just be best if I ploughed into these cunts and teach them vital life lessons.

By the time I get onto the train I am half asleep trying to grab some nod and make up for the missing half.  Unfortunately I fail in this endeavour.

Halfway between Ingatestone and Shenfield a ticket inspector announces his arrival.  The mere arrogance of this gesture makes me feel tetchy enough but when he begins forensically inspecting the fading date on the cheap piece of card that makes my £4600 Travelcard as he grabs it I promptly snatch it away deciding that this is enough inspection at this time.  As he then gets tetchy I question and point out “how did I get through the barrier then?” to which he rudely responds “there’s means and ways” before adding “don’t snatch it away.”  National Express East Anglia really are value all the way.  Perhaps if five of the six journeys I’ve been on this week hadn’t experienced delays I would be somewhat more accommodating and receptive to such rules and enforcement.  Before long these people are going to pick on the wrong customer/passenger/end user if they are going to continue to display such gestures.  Welcome to Friday.

After a brief beach we eventually pull into Liverpool Street where I suddenly become conscious to the extras that I may now be (represent) “that guy”.  Peoples, I’m not ordinarily this scruffy and unshaven.

Today my right leg is killing me from where the tube door crushed it last night.  This seems worse than I initially suspected.  Do I need a doctor?

It is with a degree of relief that I get to London today.  From here the journey across to St Johns Wood is its usual wonderfully dull affair.  This part of my daily journey is perhaps the easiest, I get to sit on a nice seat and seldom do people bug or annoy me.

As I emerge at St Johns Wood station a text arrives from the Filipino “Hi lucy still not well taking her to the doctor I’m sorry can’t come today I will ring later.”  Yesterday was relatively quiet and hopefully today will be also.

In the end today is a tough day with no fucker around in the office to make my efforts seem or feel worthwhile.

Doing the banks again proves a royal pain in the arse as my boss keeps repeatedly calling me from Spain with distraction.  I guess today is monthly wages day and it is key that the payments get through, which they do.  Still I don’t think it requires more than one call to establish this.

The radio is fun today as on Radio One Damon Albarn guests on Jo Whiley’s programme and says “shit my pants” live on air when referring to some live nerves.  The authorities should burn her for allowing this to happen.

Eventually the ball gets rolling and I manage to keep on schedule.  For most of the day it is just The Girl and I with occasional appearances from the angry boss and the operations manager.  It is hardly the kind of team spirit that inspires a person into action.  Additionally The Girl then states she has a dentist appointment for 3.30PM which eventually will see me left on my own.  Oh yes, 3.30PM is well known for being a common appointment time for dental work and oral health.  And there was me thinking professional types were generally to be found on the golf course on Friday afternoons in June.  I’m surprised she doesn’t go the whole hog and tell me her dentist is appointment is for 2.30PM.

Just after 3PM I put the Brazil v Portugal game on the radio and sail out the afternoon listening to this and eventually switching to blog stuff once I have reached a good point of productivity.

In the end I stay back until 5.45PM at which point I head straight to Waterloo on the Jubilee Line (but not before the pretty Estonian jokingly attempts to rope me into working the bar this evening).

Eventually I get to the South Bank timed to perfection.  From here I head straight to Queen Elizabeth Hall where I pick up a bottle of water and head into the Purcell Room.

Tonight is the recording of the INFINITE MONKEY CAGE podcast with Robin Ince and Brian Cox which tonight has guests including Alan Moore and Jonathan Ross.

Unsurprisingly it is a very white middle class audience this evening, more egghead and boffin than comedy fans.  As a result I really do not feel that I fit in.

Regardless, once things finally get started when the stars of this evening trot out I have to admit to being ridiculously excited by the mere sight/vision of Alan Moore and Jonathan Ross.  These guys are awesome talents with wicked skills.

The show turns out to be an extremely interesting, entertaining and funny episode as it discusses and focus how/where science fits into fiction and how accurate/realistically it is and necessarily has to be.  Joining Moore and Ross on the panel tonight is Brian Greene, another Cox type who is bringing pop science to the masses.

Overall there is great contrast on the panel this evening as the guests are perfectly balanced as Moore, being something of a genius, has an amazing grasp on both science and fiction while Greene knows his atoms while Ross represents solely entertainment and a person with a blissful ignorance of science.

As the recording of a radio show it is funny to see these guys in person as they struggle to get a word in amongst one another.  After each moment they lean in and say something funny or clever it is truly amusing to them recoil with an expression of almost smugness (especially Alan Moore).

They talk at depth on subjects such as Frankenstein and where it respective origins lay in both fiction and science.  From here the panel weighs up the necessity of keeping things accurate working further through examples and how on occasion such pieces have really hit the nail on the head, often by fortuitous error.

All the way through there is an annoying kid making noise behind me throughout the recording and then towards the end of the show it turns out that this is Brian Greene’s family.  Whoops.

The hour show flies by as it occurs to me that I am having the most genuine fun I have had at an event in a long time.

After the recording a Q&A session occurs with the usual mixed returns.  When questioned regarding the Sci-Fi fan stereotype again Alan Moore nails the subject saying how it is an unfair generalisation but there is not necessarily smoke without fire.

Eventually proceedings come to a close and we spill out onto the South Bank with Friday night still young.  This is the best of all possible worlds and places to be at this time.

Elsewhere tonight Switzerland are playing Honduras while Spain are playing Chile in what is the final pair of group matches.  In the end Spain win while the other two countries just scrape a draw which sees them both bounce out of the World Cup and Chile follow Spain into the round stage.

Once I get back to Liverpool Street I manage to board a decent train at a decent hour which sees me get home for the second half of the first episode of the new season of IT Crowd.  It remains awesome.

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