Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Wednesday 2 June 2010

Dream: Fabio Capello leaves Wayne Rooney out of his England squad for South Africa.  Naturally the response is interesting.

Today I awaken into a day where the news suggests that there should be a minimum price on/for alcohol.  Elsewhere people keep bleating and shooting their trap off about Israel and the boat incident.  Turkey ain’t happy but then again Turkey ain’t a very good place/country to start off with.

I am slow getting ready this morning, it is mainly due to me being horny.  Guess which Jane Fonda science fiction movie I watch for inspiration.

Eventually I leave Bohemian Grove slightly later than usual, which ultimately sees me rushing for the train when I finally get to the station that results in my snagging a poor seat.

From here thankfully the ride into town is a relaxed one.  An over the hill podgy business man sits opposite me while his young ward rides in tow.  I really cannot imagine that either of these people are any use in the workplace to/for any organisation.  It gives me hope.

Once into London the tube journey echoes the peace of my train journey.  When did this turn into a golden age?

Things finally hiccup when I change to the Jubilee Line at Baker Street.  As I pass what appears to be a discarded pair of women’s underwear on the floor (resisting the urge being to pick them up for a sniff), when I arrive onto the platform it is to a seven minute wait.  These things.

When the next tube finally arrives a full on Naoko from Shonen Knife lookalike exits in the opposite direction.  Does she realisation that how good she has it?

Once into St Johns Wood I step into an empty building this morning although the alarms have been switched off suggesting that the boss has been in and is now on his rounds of the restaurants.  I grab an orange juice from the decent carton this morning, its my treat.  This vitamin C I swear is essential, it is just about keeping the flu away at this time.

Today turns out to be my most productive day in weeks, I finally find focus and drive away from the hindrance of other external influences within the organisation.

Soon the day reaches lunchtime and we all have chicken burgers mainly down to the restaurant having Subway-esqe buns.  These are intriguing and tasty, where did they come from?  They are sweet in a way that is unexplainable.  Good times.

Unfortunately during my lunch break I make a schoolboy error when I download an Excel World Cup spreadsheet it corrupts and crashes the program and loses all the work that I have done this morning.

Fortunately in the afternoon I soon make up ground begging the question as to whether what I did was as substantial as I had originally thought.

Around mid afternoon as I pass through the landing of our floor/level the boss calls me into his office and asks me if I like 20/20 cricket before offering me a couple of tickets for the match at Lords tomorrow night.  Cool beans.

Eventually 5.30PM arrives along with escape from the sauna that our office is fast resembling.  We need air con or fans at the very least.

Tonight the tube is noticeably uncomfortable as sweat embarrassingly drips down my brow as I begin to melt.  Did somebody cut air con from the tube budget somewhere?  By the I eventually get to Liverpool Street and the 6.20PM Norwich train it is much less suffocating.

When I finally get home the evening is glorious and gorgeous.  In contrast to this on TV all the news is bleak and originates from Cumbria.  As a result of this the much/long hyped week of drama that is Coronation Street gets cancelled, I’m sure much to the chagrin of the powers that be and the advertisers.

From here I write, watch Bored To Death and eventually pass out.

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