Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday 26 July 2010

Dream: I touch base with a currently absent friend.  During conversation it transpires that his dad, who is recovering from cancer, is currently suffering from a debilitating cold that everyone is worried about.  Despite this he and his brother are heading to Grenoble in France for the weekend.  My only retort (and offering) is to point out that it is the hometown of Andre The Giant.  I guess this dream represents just how much our lack of communication (and friendship) is playing on my mind.

Today is a Dante Hicks Day.  Originally today was supposed to be the beginning of my second week off this summer but with the boss returning from Turkey today I need to have June accounts and VAT figures to hand over to him.  This is a drag.

Outside its another muggy day, one I will be happy to see finished.

My week off right now feels essential for my wellbeing because I am feeling so tightly wound, aggressive/angry at everything and nothing currently, too eager to lash out.  To be honest I realistically could do with an indefinite spell off but that’s not likely to happen right now (unless of course I get sacked for blogging again).  The last five years have been a blur and my home life (my apartment) really does not represent my personal progress.

I easily snag “my seat” on the train and prepare myself for a hectic day (a hectic week).  Maybe when I emerge from it I will be of a different mindset.

Very quickly I find myself at Witham, where is the journey going?  It is at this point a Stuart Braithwaite lookalike decides to sit opposite me.  Later at Ingatestone a petite pink Lycra clad lady sits opposite.  I feel like apologising.

Eventually the train pulls into Liverpool Street at a record 7.52AM.  How did that happen?

From here the journey across town is a pretty sweet and quick one as I get a head start on the rush.  As I step into the restaurant I spot our boss all returned from holiday with a tan looking and sounding chipper.  He comments that he almost told me not to come in today but then remembered that we still have the VAT to do.  Unfortunate.

Once at my desk when the Filipino comes in her belly looks bigger than ever, very pregnant.  Since The Girl planted that seed in my head this now really spooks and freaks me out, talk about paranoid.

At a time when my friends appear to have all but deserted me and no longer communicate by email, text, phone or carrier pigeon strangely Ted V. Mikels has found time to reply to my email.  Go figure.

Unsurprisingly as expected today turns out to be an incredibly busy and hectic day as I rush to get a set of figures pulled together by the end of the day and the beginning of my week.

The process today I have is to pull together final June accounts for the existing company, close off the May accounts for the new company and then pull together enough stuff on this company with view to being able to put together a set of VAT figures for it to compliment VAT figures on the existing company.

Things are initially slow moving, this being generally the accounts equivalent of dotting Is and crossing Ts as I pull together files and check for errors and omissions.  Naturally I uncover a few, these accounts are incredibly fiddly.

As things head into the afternoon it fast becomes obvious that everything is not going to get done by the end of play.

Frustratingly though it is not until 5PM that the boss finally decides to look at the VAT figures and immediately he is dismissive (and rightly so).  However leaving it so late in the day to look at the figures there is just no time to review or adjust them at this time as I need to get to the BFI for 6.20PM and the screening of SLEEPER.  As a result of this I feel I have to offer my services for tomorrow which frustrates and annoys me no end, not that I show it.

It is against all this that to my surprise I still manage to get out of the building at 5.30PM.  From here I get to Waterloo and the BFI just beyond 6PM where I find myself greeted by an annoying ticket queue.  Despite having one old guy cut the queue I am still able to get my ticket and slip into the cinema swiftly, collecting the usual set of BFI notes on the way.

SLEEPER is a frustrating movie and tonight being shown on/with a very flimsy reel/print.  This does not help its cause.

Generally SLEEPER has its moments but on the whole for a long time now it has just looked dated and stupid.  I was never really a big fan of the early slapstick movies of Woody Allen, much preferring when he turned like Bergman and became solely serious and dark about his work.  Movies such as SLEEPER, Bananas and Love And Death for me represent him trying to combine the slapstick with the seriousness and falling short on both accounts.

In a way I only attend this screening tonight out of obligation with view to ticking it off my list of Woody Allen movies to see on a big screen.

That said watched on a big screen there are a number of jokes I pick up on for the first time, not least their re-enacting A Streetcar Named Desire to bring him out of a trance.  I guess this must be the first time since I saw A Streetcar Named Desire on that fateful December night in 2004.

And of course I have always really liked the philosophy attached to the end of the movie.  I think generally this is what Allen always did around this period.

From here in the end it turns out to be a very early night as I manage to get the strange 9PM Lowestoft train home meaning I get in around 10PM, in time to see/catch this week’s episode of Rev.

Everyone wins.

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