Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sunday 8 August 2010

This morning I awaken around 6AM with my TV still on, now displaying BBC 24 news.  There is no way that I need or want to be up or awake at this time/hour on a Sunday.  What went wrong?

With this in mind I roll over and attempt to indulge in more exciting dreams and by the time I am reawaking with my TV still on the time is now something of a more sociable 7.30AM although this too is still too early for a Sunday morning.

So what’s the news?  Outside we are back to sunny as this bipolar summer continues to suffocate while elsewhere all news (as ever) appears to slanted/pitched/placed in the middle east, such is the modern world.  Oh yeah, the Conservatives are also apparently taking away free milk from schools in a story that reminds me of The Simpsons episode Mayored To The Mob when Fat Tony is selling rat milk to Principal Skinner.

My lack of energy that prevailed yesterday appears to have unfortunately followed through into today as early on I struggle to build up any pace or interest in proceedings.

There are a couple of friend requests on Facebook and I begin to get excited as they both have exotic names (Ayako Popovich and Nery House) and pretty poses on their profile pictures but ultimately they just turn out to be whores trying to tell me iPhone applications and the like.  It could have been beautiful.

Its Sunday thus its miserable.

As ever I eventually fall into bad Sunday morning TV as per routine including laughing at the shit webcams offered by Sunday Morning Live (Chatroulette for Daily Mail readers).  When are they going to buy a clue and give up on this lark?

I can’t write today, I’m blocking.

From here I watch an episode of Japanorama in the hope of it snapping some kind of imagination and enthusiasm in me.  It doesn’t quite work out that way.

Beyond this I continue playing with my laptop, putting moody programs on it.  Additionally I also finally take my flip camera out of its box and begin playing with it.  Why I do I wait so long to use these things?

Before I know it the day fast hurtles towards midday and it soon becomes evident that I am wasting my weekend again.

At this point I hear some noise outside my door just as The Simpsons begins on Channel Four and when I look out of the window I spot a police car parked outside our block/building.  Oh joy, what has 15 Hollytree Court done now?

Not long after the police car leaves there is a knock on my door.  With this I freeze.  Then the letterbox flaps but with all the TVs on mute and no music playing it is just too easy to ignore the gesture.  Then the person (whoever it is) goes downstairs and buzzes my doorbell.  Fuck off; do not drag me into your private hell.

As a result of all this when it comes time to head to my parents’ as per routine I step out through my door sheepishly.  Alas I see nobody and nothing.

In the end I arrive at my parents just after 2.30PM.  Why has mum moved Sunday dinner forward half an hour this week?  When I arrive she has cooked pizza and chips instead of roast.  Not that I am complaining but why?  Also it is burnt.

Beyond this the Charity Shield soon kicks off as Chelsea play Manchester United featuring assorted players that should feel too ashamed to step on a football pitch after their performances at the World Cup in the summer.

I can barely bring myself to watch a ball being kicked as I spend most of the first half playing with my new flip cam video camera.  This mostly involves annoying the dog as I video him as he tries to get some peace and quiet.  He is very photogenic though.

By now Manchester United have taken the lead and are well on the way to winning the Charity Shield.  I bother to begin watching the game in the second half where Manchester United manage to score a freak goal through Javier Hernandez (it basically hits his face) before Dimitar Berbatov does his once a quarter display of amazing skill that suggested originally he was worth the ridiculous transfer he supposedly commanded.

From here I linger at my parents until The Simpsons begins (a new episode with Sarah Silverman guesting) after which I head home to the general subdued Sunday night at home.

For background noise I put on the baseball on Radio 5 Live Extra buts it fails to inspire me.  Then I switch to watching something on TV.

Eventually I have a bath in calm preparation for the week ahead before attempting to watch the re-run of Mad Men on BBC2 but soon I fall asleep.  This is not ideal viewing for the light headed.

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