Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday 22 October 2010

Friday 22 October 2010

Dream: I am at a metal gig and the Heavy Metal Manager is there hurling abuse at me.  I take it badly.

Welcome to another morning of tiredness.  Despite this I am feeling pretty upbeat this morning.  Somewhere in my being, falling asleep at 9.15PM last night and seeing it through has helped me out and regained some vigour and spirit.

It doesn’t feel as cold as yesterday this morning, which is a bonus for us all.  I am really looking forward to a day off but then I remember that I am up in London both days this weekend, which means a break, is not necessarily on the cards at the moment.  I always knew this month would be a killer.

I wonder if The Girl will be in today.  If she is no doubt it will come with attitude and whining.  As I put in my contact lenses and then brush my teeth I think of how she tells me that I am lazy (and occasionally selfish) while at the same time she takes so much time off work and generally tends to do whatever suits her.  Go figure.

Soon I am stepping out of my apartment where more rubbish bags have now emerged and surfaced outside the Trash Humpers’ apartment at 15 Hollytree Court.  I thought there would only be a stench from this in the summer.  I was wrong.

Against expectations my car windscreen is not frozen this morning but I can’t help but think it is only a matter of time now before it will be the case every morning.  From here the drive to the station is devoid of drama and incident.  Perhaps it would have been helpful to experience/endure some.

Once on the 6.59AM today’s journey turns out to be a breeze as again I get my seat and suffer no plate crowders.  This is a rare glimpse into commuter happiness.

When I eventually find myself on the Liverpool Street tube platform I am stood next to a truly amazing Michael Douglas lookalike.  He is full on, it does not look just a little bit like him, he is the spitting image.  And it is to his credit.  When the train pulls in and I take my seat a few seconds later Gordon Gekko is sat opposite me.  It gives me a fright to see him; did he follow me onto the tube?

Eventually like a weirdo I try to snatch a photo of him when he looks away as I probably break a number of laws (both legally and morally).  In the end I grab a really rubbish photo that cuts off his head.  What the fuck am I doing?  Quickly I resume writing my diary on my iPhone notepad realising that I could never be paparazzi or a spy.  Later when the train gets to Baker Street we exit together.

With a heavy weekend ahead of me, I need today to be easy.  As I arrive at the restaurant I spot the painter with the operations manager who today calls me “Jase”.  Looks like I am in people’s good books at the moment.  This is then a point further reiterated when he brings up a coffee for me.

Soon the Filipino comes in all wrapped up and in her tea cosy hat.  She is so sweet.  As ever she comments how cold it is and I agree when really I think that yesterday was colder.

When our boss eventually trots in he is in a fine mood, he plainly had a good birthday yesterday.  Later it turns out that he went to see Yes Prime Minister at the Gielgud Theatre.  This I get really enthused about, as I would dearly love to see that play.  So if the boss likes this then surely he would like/appreciate The Thick Of It box set that I bought/gave him as part of Secret Santa last Christmas.  You’d think, surely.  Damn, David Haig from the play was even in the TV show last year, it should have been the perfect gift.

Then to my surprise The Girl trots in seemingly in a strop.  Not long afterwards our boss also trots into the office, teasing and winding her up in a manner that I’ll admit the Filipino and I are too afraid to do.  To our shock and surprise this prompts The Girl to come around and chill out.  Our boss has a true gift with people.

Yet again today is another distracted one.  It is frustrating as I fail to accomplish what is not necessarily the hardest or most difficult of tasks.  I really am dropping the ball.  And in absolutely no time we arrive at midday and promptly step into lunch mode.

For the afternoon I try to pick up some pace but ultimately it doesn’t come but 5PM quickly does.  Tonight the boss talks me into a brief bout of business drunk, which as ever I really do not want to be indulging in at this time.  In the end I worm my way out around 5.30PM and once on the tube as I change lines at Baker Street when I get off I notice The Korean getting on.  Immediately I fire her a smile, which I hope is accepted.

Eventually I get to Liverpool Street where the station is swamped with stranded extras trying to get home.  Finally I manage to get on the 6.20PM Norwich train where I find myself sat within earshot of Labour Boy.  His voice is not quite as high pitched as I had imagined but it is nauseating all the same.

When the train finally gets back to Colchester it is with a sense of mercy.  On the way home I stop by my parents to collect some Onitsuka trainers that I ordered from Amazon.  Not long after collecting the shoes (it turns out they’re summer shoes so no good for now) I soon head home.

With Friday night TV in this era now reaching new levels of low before long I head to bed and pass out around 9.15PM.

Sadly around 12.45AM there is a bang and suddenly I am awakened with a fright/startle.  Then there is much screaming of the word “cunt” as suddenly we are all in the midst of the Trash Humpers’ latest domestic and drama.  Oh wonderful, they are playing rape.

As the door to our building slams I take a look outside to see a face in case I find myself having to describe it back to the police in a few hours time.

Now disturbed in more ways than one I get up to have a piss at which point my entryphone begins buzzing.  The fucking idiot in his intense dramatic frustration and anger is probably leaning against the doorbells in stupidity.  What a douche.

Unsurprisingly it all spooks me before the emotion is quickly replaced by annoyance and anger towards the terrible people that now live in 15 Hollytree Court, the ones making my life misery.

For a while I watch the guy outside from my window before he stomps off into the distance.  What a joke.

How on earth is this behaviour considered anything remotely close to acceptable.  What kind of mindset do these people have to be in to not feel remorse or consideration for anyone around them or in the vicinity?  Is this really where society is heading?  As bad as I apparently act (and often find myself pummelled for) my behaviour reached any remotely as awful as this.  Where is it going to end?  A fatality?  Seriously, what is there that I can do?  If I get involved no doubt the pair of them will tell be to butt out and turn against me only prompting later repercussion.  I thought this shit peaked back in July.  I was wrong.

From here I painfully struggle to get back to sleep.  I’ll be in a foul mood in the morning.

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