Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday 21 January 2011

Friday 21 January 2011

Dream: I am at a gig of the band I am supposed to be seeing tomorrow night.  I meet up with two members before the gig as they practise in the backroom of a library.  Upon my arrival they acknowledge me as the finish up and we head off for drinks.  Today I have a copy of an album that my dad has recorded.  I play it and sadly its not very good.

Thank god it is Friday.  Its been a while since I have felt this despondent.

From here I go through the motions and eventually wind up on a train that drags me to London that arrives into the station late without any hint or suggestion of remorse.

After this I board the Metropolitan Line across to Baker Street where I then board a Jubilee Line train for one stop up to St Johns Wood as I suddenly find myself at work.

Once more the auditors are not in and as a result I have some breathing space to complete some tasks.  By now I am well into the new(ish) company accounts for December, the ones it is “imperative” that I have VAT figures for by the end of next week.

Quickly we get to lunchtime and soon we are into the afternoon which marks a session of clockwatching.  When 5PM arrives it comes with a sigh of relief.  From here I waste no time in running out of the building towards Liverpool Street.

When I finally get to Liverpool Street tonight the time is an impressively just past 5.30PM as I miss that train by seconds.  Looking up on the board my options are a 5.38PM train that goes to Clacton or the 5.50PM Norwich train which housed Sarah the last time I caught it.  Not in the mood to wait around I opt for the earlier option even though it runs the risk of being uncomfortable and offering plate crowders.

Just before the train leaves a weird couple sit across the aisle.  He is incredibly loud.  At first I cannot tell if he is antisocial or mental.  It would seem he is just drunk.  In tow is a poor girl that reminds me of Nina who on top of babysitting him could well also be in some kind of relationship with the guy judging by the way that he keeps trying to grab her.  This is a step up on my initial guess that he was her father.  Or maybe it isn’t a bad guess as suddenly there is a hint and suggestion of incest in the air.

From here the train journey is excruciating.  As the guy falls about his seat and eventually winds up on the floor of the carriage unsurprisingly it drowns out my iPhone and my Football Weekly podcast.  With his bleating about he turns the journey home into a test of patience and endurance for us all.

As we near Witham he falls further onto the floor to the point that his feet begin to near me.  With this I look at the guy with disdain and disgust as the poor girl apologises to me which I respond to by shaking my head.  I’m a prick to the end.  Thankfully though they are soon exiting the train at Witham.  Were they relatives of Olly Murs?

From here the carriage breathes a sigh of relief as it resembles the calm after the storm as my fellow commuters (extras) and I do the final leg of the journey in shell-shocked fashion.  Eventually the train gets back to Colchester with another sigh of relief.

Unsurprisingly I get home grumpy.  From here Friday night happens as with nothing to do and nobody to be with it proves down to television to get me through the evening.  The problem is that since channels ceased putting effort into their schedules on a Friday night this talk has become more difficult than it should be.

Thankfully BBC4 saves the day with a rock night.  With this it begins with a Thin Lizzy documentary followed by the Iron Maiden Flight 666 tour movie before eventually ending with the Classic Albums episode on Black Sabbath.  All it needs to be complete is the Anvil movie.  In the end watching the Thin Lizzy thing I learn new stuff about Phil Lynott before fully jumping on board the Iron Maiden movie really enjoying it and appreciating the band more than ever before nodding off around the middle of proceedings.  From here I reawaken a few times including during the Black Sabbath documentary not really knowing what is going on.  Its all relevant.

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